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i been getting lot of tags , I mean like really I been tag with the same one about 5 times now , you guys just want to know about meeeeeeee but whyyyyyyyyyy
so I'm going to do them all in one XD

So here are the ones who tags me -3- 
TAGGED by :iconhoa-prox: :iconmegane-ko: :iconmadiroma: :iconaotierr: :iconriasora27: :icontriple84e:  why  you guys do this to me ;A; ....I love you though lol

The first two are about me so I'm just gonna do that 


Tag 8 people you want to know better!


Name: me AK -u- ( my real name is odd ) 

Star sign:


Average hours of sleep:

Lucky Number?:

What was the last thing you google
" how to give up " I was in math class lol 

Favorite fictional character
most anything I watch , most like the guys who are evil but not really ( I don't know the names XD

What are you wearing now?:
nothing ....nah XD I'm just wearing shirt and pants ...

When did you start this account?:
5 years ago...I been on here for much longer , I just moved accounts 

Amount of watchers:
608 ;3; and I still done get comments lol

What do I post?:
.sonic art, creepypasta, homestuck , or stufF I like it

Do I run any more blogs:
Blogs...?....I don't know , I have a YouTube I have most things , other then apps accounts eh

Do I get a lot of comments:

Only when I started to draw creepypasta, you guys don't really like me drawing my own stuff ;A; own charactersssssssss whatever 

Why did I choose this username:
W I had pick this because I liked the sound of it , it was from my old user name K-473 ? I don't know and an old friend said I would go to Ak-47 and I loved it but there is another account with the same name, soooooooooo I just put an X on it XD 

  1. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
  2. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for your 10 tags. ( no )
  3. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
  4. Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged.
  5. NOT something like "you're tagged if you read this."
  6. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
  7. No tag-backs.
  8. You can't say you don't do tags. ( i know anyone though
  9. You MUST make a journal entry

So let's see what the questions are 

1. You do you many things. Do you all uplload what you draw?

Most of the time , I used to when I was younger , now I just but on the ones what are Color look good , if it's a sketch I just kept it to myself ( not lot of my watchers like them or just don't favourite it, so I put them on my Twitter @ Ak_freeQA 

2. What would you like to draw, but you just CAN'T do it? :'D

I really want to work on my lines make more a piant with no lines ;3;

3. Waffles or pencakes

None, if I wanted to I would with waffles ...but the again it's really what I feel like lol

4. What's you favourite llama?

The gold one ....with sunglasses hehe

5. Which artist was your first inspiration? (my was Ann-Jey by the way XD)

Back when I was first on DA , I liked lot of art on here, seeing there art, so I took inspiration from everyone I have seen...even if it's just how they do lines or how they color, I told myself that one day I will would be able to do that I just need to keep going.
so say that there was one would be a lie, it is everyone on here, everything and everyone is odd in there own way and that's what I see hehe

6. Do you like your own style very much or do you want to draw like an other artist?

....I just draw and how it comes out is how it is.../(°A°)/ I'm just a girl in a forset who draw shit lol

7. Heroes or villains?


8. Do you believe in ghosts/supernatural things?'s kinda something what happens lot to me ;-; 

9. How long do you spend time by drawing each day?

Most of the day, 4/6hrs or very other day eh?

10. And now thw ultimate question!! Do you hate school?? >8D's the only thing what I get to go to....I don't really hang out...I have dogs ....and toys ......I'm 18 XD

Now the one what everyone is been wanting me to do ...;A;

1: Pick 1-4 OCs
2: Can be any OC
3: Do from 5-20 facts.
4: Tag anyone you want. (Nah) 

ok let's do this What am I even doing Anymore by AK-47x

OKAY! First up is Josephine DOLL ! 

Josephine DOLL

1) Josephine was human one time but that was a really long time ago 
2) Josephine doesn't like lot of things but she seems to like little kids more the older...she really hates men 
3) she does not sleep or eat , she only watches you
4) It is still unknown on what she could do, but she is someone or better yet something you don't want pissed at you, no human can kill her because there is nothing to kill ewe
5) Josephine can become human at will but she can only do this around people who she think is good 
6)  Josephine is a Mother is about 150years old or older , I didn't do the math lol



1) alex is very shy but he's loves To met people, 
2) alex can't not eat anything then soup , if he  did eat anything then soup/ water , he would puke it back up ( this makes him sad, lot of the time because he loves food) 
3) he wishes for many things , one of them is being loved by another  or to actually able to touch someone even to be hugged , he wants to feel another human
4) He loves to talk to things like fake things , like a book, he would talk to a book like it was a person, he does this lot to his drawing pad
5) alex is sexual confused XD he doesn't know if he likes girls or guys, ( might be from he never been with someone before lol )
6) Alex owns lot of money , he lives in a 
mansion and has few other homes around, when his step mom and dad died they had 'will' what give him all the power of there money they had, so he jewelry  give to to someone to show that he cares for them ( why he has so many outfits ) he does know guy who take cares of it so he wouldn't be the one who deals with the money and is the only other human who seen him and won't tell anyone about his sickness.

ok 3 more maybe 


1) Ray is not her real name , it was her brothers name and took the name for her own, to somewhat show that her old self is long gone but shhhh he didn't tell anyone  I don't think luke knows ;3; 
2) Ray hates Most human food from the city, finding it "too much" but she loves smoke meat
3) she does not know lot of things each as Technology she finds it odd and kinda scary hehe 
4) Ray actually does not know about feelings to people but only says what she wants to say, so feelings to luke are some what she doesn't even get half the time , she just want snuggles ewe, but if it's something sexual and is told that it is love ....she may or may not try it on luke XD she doesn't know better, she trying to get what it meanssssss
5) Ray has a fetish ....I'm not saying what it is what it is XD let say it makes her blush 
6) she might come off look like a guy but Ray does girly things some times but it's not common To see her like this, she might play with her hair or look at clothes  try them on XD 

That's was fun time fo next one

Victoria-news reporter

1)she is just a character what doesn't kill or any of that stuff but looks for kills and see what they are about 
2) Victoria does not have a mom and dad both had passed way when she was little girl
3) likes the Ray to say that he might even be love at first sight lol The two would some times Met up, Ray doesn't really know that she feels this way to her,  Ray is only around her because  Victoria makes her think about someone who she use to know ( her brother )
4) She talks to the other pastas that is if they don't try killing her 

( she kinda it ?  Not much about her then that ...or I can't think of any) 

LAST ONE..I Hope...? 


1) he loves money he also loves Alex ....I wonder why XD
2) he is base on the "welcoming cat " the color of his hair shows what he will welcome 
3) he may come off being of sexy ass but he just want to chill but can have different emotions at time 
4) he has a human look but he kinda hates it because...his human form is woman >w> it doesn't feel right but why he has it female because name "gold digger " 
5) when he runs he runs on all fours 
6) he is around Alex when he is free and would follow him around I think he even came on to Alex one time but Alex ran and has been running at the site of him, and he follows  lol I done ? 
I think I'm done for the most part ...????

Oh this is where I tag people?

i got it I'll tag my dogs!



if you want to know more just ask...or look on the ref...of it has it ....I don't know .....I did this on bus so might be some oops ...maybe 

why are you still reading?

comment and stuff 



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Best answer is Deadpool! 😂😂😂
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Hehe yeah 
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We cannot escape from being tagged.
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Yeah so what do you think ,it's act my first tag thing 
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One word: Satisfying
You did multiple tags in one journal and dem characters are cool. 
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