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So she deleted her account before I say something but this was what she said 

Dd7e43f6-6bca-4dc2-9d41-ba4c1472db69 by AK-47x
I wanted her to read what I said so I’m posting here, for everyone to read....

you don’t get to  justified  Yourself. You can’t fucking do that. After all this you can’t. No one wants to hear it. No one. The  Internet is always way of   Communication. When did you even think that these people where just toys and games for you to use.
How fucking  disturbed  You have to think that you can just do this, you  twisted  Fuck.

I thought I could of forgive all this just moved on with my life, you took year of my life and had worse my trust is people and made me  depressed to point that i had started to self warm. I welcome you into my mind and I had tired everything to help you. But all I neve got was Spit    Back from you because all I never was fucking toy , fucking toy. You okay with my emotions. You fucking knew how much it meant to me just have friends, I never fucking had them.  
The year of you saying how you would kill your self, staying up at night talking jas persona. Telling him that he should love himself I HAD BEEN TELLING YOU THAT FOR WHOLE FUCKING YEAR. You  dense  Bitch.  And don’t get after me for what I’m saying “oh but you believe me” of course I did because this was my first never going out talking to someone. You got after me for even talking to new people who weren’t you! That I had lost parts of my personality because of you, I’m tired of you fucking toying me. But I could of never told you anything  because I didn’t want you kill yourself.

You got after me for talking to my old friends to point that point that I had voided even talking about them or even talking to them any more knowing how that would make you feel.
Fuck even what Anne told me when all this shit before, you made sure I wouldn’t even talk to anyone you made Anne turn in me by saying I was 21 when I was really just turn 19 and saying I was   Manipulating  A fucking 15 year old. No I did things I did because you wanted them all I wanted was make people happy and hold my friends close.
oh how let’s not forget how you said how ken was going to rape you. And you where voice  messaging  Me how he was trying too. Or even how you had pushed yourself more onto me knowing fully well how wasn’t even comfortable with the whole fucking thing.
Let’s not forget how you said where kidnap and how fucking  worried I was but no no you didn’t do that once not   Twice  But  three   Fucking times you pulled that shit, I was so damn blind  of being worried  that couldn’t even see this bull shit you puke up.even saying how someone was just killed outside your door too. I could say soooo much more and can’t get rid of them because they are  buried  Deep inside me and you fucking made sure I knew , you really made sure I knew. I was such fucking fool.
no no no when ken was shot you started crying over him saying it was because of you. Hearing you cry all the damn time. Knowing I couldn’t do anything but just be there to listen.
You used my emotions like fucking toy, things only got worse when it got sexual and even you calling me slut and  threatening of  showing   Private information. When things got worse  I had lost parts of myself in all of this, had to lie to myself that I was used in this way. Then you just had to make me break more when you killed off the one I liked. Maybe I really should of just killed myself so you would of fucking know that you couldn’t FUCKING TOY WITH PEOPLE, HUMAN BEINGS YOU FUCKING BITCH. THIS MAKES ME SO PISSED OFF THAT IF I NEVER SEE YOU IN REAL LIFE  , I WOULD MAKE SURE YOUR FACE  INCAPABLE OF BEING  IDENTIFIED.   there is no words what can  describe  This emotions. You did this. And you never never thought that this might be going to far. You knew how damn difficult my life was, I told you about it all and what I been thought having people use my sister or having no dad or mom, and you STILL did all this.
But no,you just wanted to have fun.Having fun yet ?No? Good  because Im not done yet.
you got in the way of my study’s as well. Had only made it worse with me even talking to people. I don’t believe you’ll never understand what I had do get here, and I don’t think you really understand the shit you actually because I know that your not that bright to understand things.
You hurt me more then anyone in my whole life and I hope that years from that you’ll remember how you almost killed someone SOMEONE. I’m not just some text or name I’m ducking human being you  viciously toyed with. And what makes this even worse is the fact you had fucking  chance  To void all this. When jas died had asked you no more lies to just tell me and to see the real people now, I asked you For the Truth. And you didn’t take it then and had lied again. And again.
YOU WHERE ALREADY GIVEN A SECOND CHANCE. And you did not take it you sick fuck.
‘You say you made group of friends for me ?? Bull shit because you wanted to make sure I never got out the cage you made for me. You could ya know been normal and waiting for more people to talk to and could of just been happy but no. Just to add more onto is that once I started to break off from you, started to pull new person into use because I was no longer “playable”  and you almost gotten way with it too. But you also needed to make sure I couldn’t make any friends and started to talk other people behind me saying I was selfish bitch.  And being rude. Had made me more messed up to even make friendships on online you made sure of that. Even getting jealous over me rping with new characters of just new people that you would vent about me to other people.
im so fucking glad that I got to your new play thing before you could  destroy  Her mind like you did to me.There so much more you did to me that in this blind rage I have I can’t think of atm. all this happen because you lied what I always told you “the  truth will set you free”  never listen.You can’t ask forgiveness. You can’t for anything any more. All you can do is leave. For your our  sake and everyone else.
what makes this worse is that I had started to pity you. And was feeling bad about what those people where saying, liked it or not I had still cared and only wished for everyone to move on and have the truth. I at the time I wasn’t too sure if what I was doing was right. But call I want now is you to go away far away because I hate having hate for someone. And can’t never bring myself to hurt anyone on purpose but.... I don’t you need my forgiveness,  you’re not worthy for it. Your not worthy of any.
stay offline for few years until you actually know how to be human being.

Here are the comments before Deletion  

taken from kat  screenshots

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Now I know some going to ask for proof. But I do have this proof before I had deleted my account on Facebook I had downloaded the whole account info.  All the messages, videos,  audio, photos. It’s all there. But there is some really deep personal information and bit hesitant about showing that info because I know how  was the best way to of handle things but I hope my word in enough for now. It really wasn’t best 

Dav-ink is alive...but that's not all.+ConfessionYeah you read it right. He is alive. HOWEVER there is a full story to this and it gets very extensive. When I first got involved in this, my friends and i weren't expecting to find this much info and potential lies from these people. I cannot stress this enough but you need to read the whole thing to fully understand what I mean. 
For starters, let me apologise to those who were deeply affected by this. I know a couple of people who were just heartbroken over hearing about his passing but for now here's a document we were able to whip out will all the evidence and proof of our claims.
Personal message to Nadz:
As much as I was heated before, right now i mostly just feel lost and unsure on what to believe anymore. Nadz you keep mentioning that you’re depressed and stuff but that doesn’t really hinder my opinion on what we gathered. Using Ken as your hacke
Heres more  information  But here’s the link to the   Document  

but heres a  summary the doc.
From how I understand is that nadz was the one who had   Control  Over all these accounts and jas or dav was in away a persona like many others of hers. But this what we had came to guess from the fact that of proof (what is lot)

I would say more of they or them since we can’t know fire sure since any or most  identity had been lied about few times and there is still isn’t actual proof of them being real. From the attempts of clearing this up they would not show proof and when it was it was only by text or photo, trust had been broken so much it had came to point to   Confirm   Identity  To video call at least once or stuff like that. Or even have voice clip of the, actually talking.

they had use and when behide so many people backs and wanting attention so badly that they would of done anything to get it.
Nadz was the only one to actually show she was only to talk and voice but from the proof give above it had cross the lines where it couldn’t make sense and coming to the “theory” that it was all nadz.
One proof what was found out is that nadz and dav had been friends for years about 8 but when I had gotten  access  To dav-ink account I had found no old  chats they had. No notes no comments besides what you can see on art. Nothing. Even with dav-ink old girlfriend candy pop it’s like they never even knew each other.
Everything in this document is what had happen few months and group of us had looked into photos what was said to be them, finding out it was just random photos what came from nadz friend list on face book, as for his YouTube nadz had brother named jasper and he may of been the first one to actually make the account then nadz took over.

now isn’t like we didn’t try talking to her she did not deny or    Confirm About these facts but had use other methods to say this or that.
As soon as she left
ben, ken even jas had left as well no word from them and when they came back they had left with out giving and reason what had happen or even try to come back as if it was something they did do wrong.

Unless they had proof to show that that they are each different person this theory would be at stand hold until any news comes up.

Sorry for any hard ache you had but is now I under stand it with it being not too long so I    Skimmed  Over few things but nevertheless it’s the main idea.
Lot of people where hurt by these “people’s” actions ... and I may of gotten worse of it but that isn’t going to stop me from not saying anything about it. And I really wish it didn’t have to come to this but it had happen this way.

I hope you have good day

 Link to doc:…

This whole  thing is messy and all I really want is to move on and just try to make friends and lean to be better. And maybe try to talk to people more...
A thank too  people who had help me with setting me free from all this mess and I hope I be able to talk to you guys. And I’m also sorry for other people who have to see this and who had been pulled into all this. Any one who was hurt please take time to take this in and don’t hurt yourself or think about this type of thing. Always remember that you’ll be okay... I mean if I can do it so can you.

have good day-

Chibi commissions-open

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 9:38 PM
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 -Complete work-

78bf9d71-1758-49aa-a6f2-23b484f8b465 by AK-47x 6eed4675-599b-4d5d-af55-9cb1511cb478 by AK-47xBf1e1309-500c-4cb5-ba7b-6f164f29b76f by AK-47x

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Character sheet(s):
Character name: 
Payment method: 

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
dont mind this

im just cleaning up my page lol and just have to have my links put somewhere…

working on evereything 

i feel like i want or better yet feel to say thank you to all the people who felt worry about my being, i know its going to take long time to fully come to peace with the lost of my jas, 

and i want to say sorry to my watchers as well, i dont really talk much about my person life on here or make a panic or do anything what would make issues for others.
i dont want to be so open on DA since this is art sharing website, come here to make art and show art, or meet people who have the same interests are you.

im doing better little by little. 

Thank you all for having worry about me, if you feel the need to check up on me , please just note or comment. Email Send 

Hoaxton or any of Dav-Ink  character are now AK-47x characters. This also means any thing DAV  had ownership over goes to AK.

( just for the few people who read over things too quickly and may miss understand what I wish say )

Hello, I’m making this only for the topic of Dav-Ink characters 

I’m going to be posting this on their refs so people generally know what has happen 

if you wish to know more info on why go here 
Dav-ink passingDav-Ink must’ve heard by now, if not , Dav-Ink  had died from his lungs shutting down, and having lung cancer...he didnt tell anyone online about it...but i think I know why he didnt...kinda ..seems like something he would do.
it was very sudden...very..
he was 16 and he loved me very dearly, some say it was me who had kept him going..he didnt think he would of died. He really believed he was going to be okay, he believed he was going to work hard and move to come to me.. that was our dream ...
he was always working on, he made this far from knowing me and giving me new life. Last year CandyPout  had died ...i guess they are together now...that’s very sad to think about it. Both far to young to me taken away ...too soon..
this year had most downs but it had ups. Jas Dav-Ink had helped me so much, and loved me ...coming to the point of him saying, i was the one person he had fell in love with then it being the other way around... he had taken

I will be taking ownership over jasper characters, i dont wish to make people think that hoax is just free to do whatever with like what happen with Toby. so if you wish to use or do anything with hoax, must come to me and ask to use. 

Please understand;; 

again i wish to let everyone know that I have Dav-Ink account 
so I could log into his account so do panic if you see something move on his account, its just me setting up his page to have the info so we wont get ...i guess a troll coming long and saying bad things or saying i dont own anything 

So please pass the word around that i have his account, i dont want anyone to panic when seeing things be moved 

again if you want more info go the journal i have linked

just making this journal to be more of the official noticed like a ‘will’. 

Thank you for reading 

Dav-Ink must’ve heard by now, if not , Dav-Ink  had died from his lungs shutting down, and having lung cancer...he didnt tell anyone online about it...but i think I know why he didnt...kinda ..seems like something he would do.

it was very sudden...very..
he was 16 and he loved me very dearly, some say it was me who had kept him going..he didnt think he would of died. He really believed he was going to be okay, he believed he was going to work hard and move to come to me.. that was our dream ...

he was always working on, he made this far from knowing me and giving me new life. Last year CandyPout  had died ...i guess they are together now...that’s very sad to think about it. Both far to young to me taken away ...too soon..

this year had most downs but it had ups. Jas Dav-Ink had helped me so much, and loved me ...coming to the point of him saying, i was the one person he had fell in love with then it being the other way around... he had taken lot of hearts with out really wanting them to start with....

but i very happy that i was that one person, he had fell in love with give him more life this passed year.
cant even start with what had happen this whole year, so much but i was happy with him...

...there are days ...i cant see myself moving on...days i want to start over ....bad thoughts...and to be with him ...i really love him so much Dav-Ink 
and wish that i got to met you ...that we could of had our life’s together...our dream ...

but i know you would be sad if i tired to got to you.....guess shouldnt pull a “Romeo and Juliet “ ...damn that’s sad..

i need to be able to keep loving you Dav-Ink ...some how..
i knew him best
i knew him 

and i love you so very much jas, i would say that so much more “i love you” 
it hurts so much how to able to run to you and you run to me. Like I’m hitting wall, trying and trying to get to you ... but now ...I’m alone ...i feel you around me...but i feel that you’ll always be around me...i know you would never of leave me ...that sound like something you too do....i guess in away your closest to me now then before ....// weak smile

litte bit of comfort in that 

Now the dav-inks characters 

We had talked about and jas, if anything was to happen to us..we would’ve take in our characters and have ownership over them..
we had talked about this from him being in the hospital and nearly dying just in safely we just talk about it ...hoping it never needed to come to be ...sadly it did.

this is his last gift to me...that’s very sad but it’s true ..

to sum it up 
i know anything what jas had 

no idea about Toby tho>>

I also want to say this, i have Dav-Ink deviantART account,  
why this is from his friend in real life where able to get into his account and give me his passwords. Jas had lot what he was working on, and we had lot what we wanted to do as his girlfriend...ill be trying to take those to do and take care of hoax and the others..

All I’m going to be doing on his account is setting his page as “ in loving memory of”  that way when his membership runs out it just wont look ...bare .. and i will add on hoaxs bio this journal so people will know in general of who will ownership will go to...

might be woudering why I’m saying this all. 
Well...i dont want to keep coming back onto DA then i need too.. I’m still hurting very much so... right now I’m just trying to get myself more relaxed and try to deal with him passing on ..i dont want to be making lot of journals  about this 

I love you Jasper...always

Promptus /LadyEuphobea 

Ya know anne 

You said sorry many times over and over again , you had really messed me up. 

every day I talk to anyone , I have always make sure what I say isn't rude or anything.  To scared to say thing second guessing myself all time , coming to believe that what I did was the worst thing had never came to be on DA.

My whole reasoning was to help the few friends I had, I didn't even have that many in my whole life so of course I'm going to make sure they are making it though okay.

I may of been rude, but you have no idea who I am, why I am this way.

Talk to jas not knowing what was really happing with him , nor I cared about his " popularity " 

All I never wanted was to have friend so I used my art and characters in doing so.

I had helped him forget the pain of everyday life, giving a reason to get up.

I had became caring of him as much as I can, 

I had only wanted to help 

The funny thing is , when people's love ones are in the hospital or dealing with the pain. You take on some of that to help them deal with , going though it with them because you love them.

On the day jas was gone sickness what could of killed him, that had made feel so worried ( or was out doing that art thing , my memory is bit buzzy, I just remember being sad ) 

And I had deal with it being so far way , thinking I would of lost him what I would do, I haven't know him that long that made me scared and so sad that I could of lost my friends so soon.

Nadz was the only one I could really talk to about this since she was the only one who could of texted him at time , let me know what's going on with him. 

Let alone what I had to deal with my everyday life.

I was " rude weirdo " because I was trying to deal my own emotions.

Do you wanna know why I didn't even say more sorrys ?

I knew I had said something rude  and did say " okay sorry "  

And you took accept it so I thought we where okay , I didn't think anything of it 

Then you left and that was that.

I had no idea that you where going to witch hunt me down for the first few days.

Do you even know what any of what jas was actually going though? 

So many bad things after next. He needed something good to happen. When I came to hear that HE like me.

Had made me realize my emotions where.

My  current boyfriend at time was someone named Lucas. I had been with him for few years, that our relationship was mostly just close friends just became couple at young age , just silly kids 

I never really thought of it or knew what other relationship will be like since I had been with him for so long 

That it was  unhealthy just keep to one person , jas had made me reason that.

Things I should of question but didn't.

So " Lucas " being just friend almost 

I had just asked him and told him and he understood 

Like that me and jas became thing, 

He needed someone to lean on , specially more then never of needing to deal with her passing.

All I knew is that I had to help. Didnt think about age between us , I was thinking about him as person who needed help.

Back to what you did. 

I had never Never  experience this, the drama because I had never talked to anyone. 

So many sorrys I  said. I even cry on audio asking for it stop.

Do you even know what that had did to me ?

For long while I had to get jas to read over anything I was going to send to anyone, to make sure I never did again.  You didn't hurt me physically, you had hurt in the worst ways  possible,  mentally. Oh boy I wish it was physically at least then I could just take  medicine to make the pain stop.

Now I don't talk openly like I use to be, you had taken away my voice, because I would remember everything you said to me on that day. I don't know why or what I had done.

I had pushed jas away when he needed me because of that he ended back in the hospital.

Not only because of me but because of you too. 

So much more things had happen, off online to jas AND nadz , what I'm not going to name what had been going on. Because " privacy " 

Taken your hate all out onto me 


Of a Rude comment. 

You don't even know me , but you where willing to destroy everything I was.

And those people who said to call ...I'm pretty sure they wouldn't of said what they said if you didn't paint me in ugly picture.

You talk about tired? 

Look at me.


Now let's end this nightmare 

I don't  hold anything against you, we had never knew each other then a  good pun or two.  I know that your going to need to deal with this, of what you did , come to live with it. 

So you don't need to be  reminded.

Nor me and jas. 

Ray and rag skin

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 19, 2017, 8:26 AM

Ha it's worked lol 


sonic AT- open

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 14, 2017, 9:30 AM

I'm looking for sonic artist to do a AT with
the only thing I ask is your art being around the same art level as mine, like

Down the  road by AK-47xemma by AK-47xAngel by AK-47xCan you kept my Secret? by AK-47x

only take 3 ATs

I will be AT like what you see above and I will link the character of who I would like you to can draw, I can do two if you do two of mine.

I can do human but I'm mostly looking for sonic artists.

fill in the form

Character sheet(s): 
Character name:

(gonna be making human AT journal and link it here when I have it  )

thank you for the happy b days

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 13, 2017, 11:29 PM

thank to all who had comment on my page and made gifts

means the world to me to get such lovely comments, thank youuuuu

Deadpool - Cute Spideypool - You love me Deadpool - and his unicorn Deadpool - and his bunny Deadpool - Canada yay 

Crazy comes and crazy goes

xunthii DTA

Journal Entry: Thu May 18, 2017, 11:55 AM

Xynthii: DTA: Tentacle Hair DRAW TO ADOPT! CLOSED by ObsceneBarbie
Xynthii species are by :iconobscenebarbie:


I really hope I get her ;; I don't have the money to get adopt so I try my very best on my arts of her. I would be so happy to have her, make my week , tried best aaaaaaaaaa
hope I did good, I couldn't stop drawing her lol so yeah

I didn't know if I had to ask to join.....oops  well here I go
wish me luck

DTA chillin by AK-47xDTA lovely by AK-47xDTA city by AK-47x

Crazy comes and crazy goes

Point commission cheap 100pts Cell shade closed

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 10:32 AM

Red by AK-47x Selfie by AK-47x Ak by AK-47x

Only 100 Pink Points 
// extra character is 100pt 
// extra if character has more details 50pts 
// need full body to draw 
I could do most things but 
only thing I won't do is soft porn or anything weird in my mind 

I could use the points at the moment 

Other examples 

xxmira-the-unicornxx 100pt commission by AK-47x who256 100pt commission by AK-47x emofrenchbrony 100pt commission by AK-47x

taking 5 spots 
-L0ra2 -waiting payment 

Waiting list

-RyanTheRainbow DONE~
-who256 DONE~
-FrostbittenBear DONE~

Crazy comes and crazy goes

have you ever just want to post a journal because you haven't in long time, could even say never ?
(tip hats to you if you get the joke/theme )

Deadpool - and his bunny  Closed

Image by AK-47x

What can do and what can't: 

-sonic ocs 
-creepypasta ocs 
-human ocs 
-oc x oc 


-two characters per picture 
- can't get no more then 3 
-Pay before I start
- extra anything 50
- need full ref 

Image by AK-47x

200  :points: for one character

Image by AK-47x

400  :points: for two characters 

I could use some points and if you have any questions just ask  Deadpool - Ashamed 

there's been lot of disabled accounts and within two or three days ( maybe more ? ) and  account is online again? there a thing Happing or am I just seeing this >~> ?
I know I said a month but I go back to school really soon and I want to do some updates on here with the week I have I want to have it done before I get back into school soooo I'll use the time I have 

Im going to be putting some rules out about my characters and some things I want to talk about with them and reasons why too ,overall point I want to get out there 

I hope you will understand 
And gonna be chilling over at Tumblr for a month, I'm not leaving DA for good  I just need a break 

but AK why ? Why you going ? 

Well ill you see little billy, AK is starting to feel un safe on DA and feel like she is starting to losing  her freedom of drawing art and staring to very bored 

Ak You have freedom! And why are you getting bored???

well before I started drawing creepypasta I was nobody, I drew stuff whatever I liked and whoever watched me , watched because they just did. , from the last months of drawing  Creepypasta, I got to met got of cool people especially Ria, but I started to think ' oh I wonder if I should upload this? Would they like this? Or this?' I started to lose why I was even doing this , I was doing for my watchers ...I wasn't doing for myself. I got bored really quickly , not many of you want to see my other art 

why are you leaving then? 

Because little billy , people are crazy....nah but DA been getting bit 'much' , people taking each other fan characters, people rudely judging each other, just with in the fandom ....and it's scaring me. I actually considered leaving  the fandom but I couldn't, my characters my baby's are in fandom, I couldnt leave them.  But yet so many of you are in creepypasta and I would feel like it wouldn't be nice if be to just say I'm leaving bye. To you all but yet so many of you are watching me I said  I was a nobody, I'm not use to this and I think I just need to just regain my freedom of just drawing for myself again and to get way from the people are here, 

Jokes side 
I been thinking about this for sometime now, I didn't really know how to deal with it and didn't have anyone who could relate to me and the people who did told me to try to deal with it, every time  I upload something I get little bit more scared, what if someone takes it? What if they don't like it ? ....I don't think I'm that good at drawing but I'm getter better  at it and with that comes with jealousy, creepypasta has sooo many rules , I'm not use to following rules , I'm use to filling my own rules, i need to let my hair down for little bit 

but it I feel that if the people who want to see my art and what I'm going 
please go check out my tumblr ! 

All the the art will be uploaded over there for rest of the month , hell even ask me shit , 

im still gonna come and check on my account Very so often to see my friends art etc. I might put my art in Storage maybe idk still need to think about that 

thanks for reading ...or thanks for caring to read

Again I'm at

This is gonna be odd not uploading anything lol 

Image by AK-47x…
Thing for sonic outfit adopt  
i got my surface pro and there are a drawing thing in it ,As you could see 

Doc by AK-47x

And I want to work with it but I don't really know what to draw or better yet I feel like drawing characters 

Ok so this is what I'm willing to do 
-sonic fan characters 
-anime characters 

now who I want to do

i will like drawing sone pastas / proxys like 

-Toby ( because I never drew him before ewe)
- eyeless jack because he is my favourite lol
-Jeff ....because blood 

You could send me your pasta /proxy /other  but I only would do it if I have idea on what I want to draw For them 

I'm only going to do about 3 characters from each fandom...i forgot to add that eeehhhhh

 Fill out this 

-character ( yours or other )
-full body or half 
-type of color 
- other info you want to tell 

yeahhhh ewe 

homestuck characters is closed now 

Boytroll by AK-47xGirltroll by AK-47x22 by AK-47x

homestuck characters are now done ;3; i will take no more homestuck characters 

sonic characters

still thinking 

creepypasta or proxys 


other characters