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my little pony my persona kinda by AK-47x my little pony my persona kinda by AK-47x
this is my pony uh well she is a Manticore but a famale if you dont know what a Manticore this is thing… the first monster in the fisrt ep 
why i picked this type of thing is that  TO MANY PONYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS and i wanted sometihng what make you look again 
i guess i can put some info her and me ? 
AKfree is me when im being her 
when im not , her is called Ink ( she wold have a name like pony but she doesnt really have a cutie mark but she as thing for art so ink )
being a female 
Manticore  i would think that her body would be like Lionness then a lion  body so that why she look more tin ? 
her back story 
Ink always liked the pony culture but from being a 
Manticore ponys would run away so she would watch from a fair,  little by little she would know more about the ponys as in the cutiie marks. she would dayly think about what her cutie mark and would like to think that it would do something with art and inkng so she made her own , loving types of neon colors and how colorful the pony are she dyed her blue ( her real hair is yellow ish )  . would otfen stay in  the Everfree Forest at night she would fly over to see what new , ended finding a hat took  it from it being the ponys 
thats it for now until i think of something or stuff 
other then how she acts ... she would act like me shit ....
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July 8, 2015
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