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dog , bunny by AK-47x dog , bunny by AK-47x
.....yeah i just wanted to draw them as this XD, it just something fun to do
i wanted to do ray more girly hehe =w= so this is what she looks with longer hair hehe
i just wanted to draw alex with bunny ears

he like
" why am i the bunny ?"
" your tiny"
" : ( "
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RiaSora27 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know I was thinking of something funny right now..=w=

I wanna make Luke x Ray officially a canon and Luke + Alex a headcanon..xDD
AK-47x Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
Hehehe =w= what us it ? 

Im ok with it, hehe are you thinking about doing anything with them .3.
whats a headcanon ? XD 
RiaSora27 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh it's not really that important. I just noticed the name on Ray's collar, "Luke." =w=

Not really, I just want to officially declare that Luke already has a canon partner/lover. Cuz I realized, all thanks to my friend's OC (thank God he's here) which is also a proxy.

His OC has a canon lover but their relationship is not really needed to be sexual or something. Just the usual bros and closest friends thus it doesn't really break any rule in the Proxy Laws. I mean, having importance to someone won't result into having a baby and get someone pregnant for Luke to be exiled.

Luke just loves Ray so much not with any sexual purpose. He wants to protect her and not to lose her. She is a very important part of his life. She gave at least reason for Luke to be human enough to live even if he kills mercilessly. Like I said, Heteroromantic Asexual. :3

And Lady is fine with that, she wants them to treat one another as family. Ray is just a special case of family for Luke..xDD

Headcanon is a bend of the real one and this is just for fun. It's rather complicated to explain..^^;
AK-47x Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
...OH I forgot I did that XD 

ahhh I see so their  sunggles buddies for life Hehe 

thats just oust sweet of Luke to think that for Ray , as for Ray she might not get what ' lover' means >w> she just knows that she doesn't want him to die XD
i guess from her point of view she see him someone who she can trust something what she has never did, she been by her self for 4years so being to trust someone is big for her ;u; 

its a relationship but not really >u> ....?
RiaSora27 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yass!! I will officially declare them canon very soon..xD
Also so that Luke's fangirls will see that he is already TAKEN x3

To understand their relationship more, I relate it to me and my precious someone's relationship. See description here.
And btw, the guy's name is Clark. To make it short, Envoy was based on him especially the Computer Science thing. xD

To love each other doesn't necessarily needed to brand you both as girlfriend and boyfriend. The fact that you love each other with all your heart and care for one another is proof enough.


Well, headcanon is like an alternate version you create for the sake of pairing and fun. Example, Luke x Envoy or Luke x Alex and tbh even my classmate and I paired Masky x Luke as a headcanon because of their rival thingy..xDD

In that headcanon, Luke became a bisexual which he normally doesn't..xD
That's a twist in reality. A headcanon.
AK-47x Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
Alright ! ^^ 
ewe hehe 

I know that feeling uwu and I get what your getting at , I'm okay with I  just like suggles so I use it in the way that you only suggle who you care about ;u;

that's just like any relationship with anyone like a friend 

XD this just makes me think about a video where the guy has two dolls of  people ( who always get mad at each other ) and he's like " FIGHT FIGHT " and have the dolls fight then " kiss kiss " and have them kissing  >w> that's just what comes to mind about headcanon stuff hehe so Alex and Luke are in a head canon ;3; ? I have a GIF of them as Alex is trying to get Luke to move and he's like NOPE heheh 
RiaSora27 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehehe x3

Yup, exactly like that. :love:
Love with no sexual thoughts. :3

Well, as CANON, Luke consider Alex like a little brother. It's on the drawing I mention before on how Luke interacts with Alex.

But as HEADCANON, Luke loves Alex as his lover thus is the bisexual thingy..xD
Luke also becomes a tsundere or also a seme/top/dominator. A really different side of Luke.
Luke fell in love because of how Alex idolizes him so much.

Another example is my classmate and I's headcanon to Masky x Crimson Reaper or Tim Sutton x Luke Evans. Luke is the uke/bottom/submissive while Masky is the seme/top/dominator and sometimes vice versa. This was created out of fun. :3
AK-47x Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
Yeahhh hehehe 

ok ok I could see that Happing .3.

XD oh my god......Luke likes him because he's a fanboy lol  or  something like that , why do the feeling that Alex is the bottom >w> hehe kept in mind that Alex can't be touch ...but the only way to touch him would be in water ....that would fun picture to draw X//D 

yeah I get it ...oh my ...masky >w> hehehe 
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