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We are here to survive you love~ by AK-47x We are here to survive you love~ by AK-47x
ak why did you do this ? 

Well ill it seem to be good idea at the time plus Ray could pass as a guy in this 

I just really love how rags looks like in this. He looks actually "handsome"

rag: oh my "brother" you just look the cuties thing
ray: ....I thought i was your sister...?
rag: nah here you act like guy ...that shouldnt be hard hehe , this way no guy hits on you
Ray: if they hit me I'm going to hit them back
Rag: ahhhh... Innocent 

it also makes me think of a story line 
I might actually make 

what if all the slanders had gotten together like a ball but it was A meeting to talk about the future of their species that humans have been taken more and more Space that slander beings are running out of room to claim territory that others have going on to others land. Or something like that 
as all there proxys are there waiting to wait for Masters orders but and up getting into shenanigans with each other. Making friends and foe, and for the hell of it they need to be dress up 

Just a idea
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A-Dreamare Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016   Digital Artist

I like this idea~ Not sure because it would be very interesting to see a bunch of slanders all together, having to act “civilized” with the other they don’t like it or have enmity… or because I want to see a bunch of proxies interacting with one another, some forced to be suited up, or at least less disheveled than usual.

Maybe both, both sounds fun, it will be interesting to see the species together and proxies meeting under a “don’t kill each other” situation XD

Plus Rag and Ray look very good dressed up fancy 10/10

AK-47x Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016
Well yeah 

I just think it would be fun , I would do a comic but I don't want to be the only one to be doing it..I was thinking about making making the first few pages telling why and then having in the comic letters be send off to slander beings and if the maker of that slander being ( if they want to be in it ) would make a comic page of there slander Getting the letter and picking about 4 proxys to go with them that way everyone could take about in it even having what they would 

this actually makes think of a another slander being >w> The father ( maybe mother )  of slander beings ...or something Just ideas you know hehehe 
A-Dreamare Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016   Digital Artist

Ohh if you do that I'm definitely in~
Actually I was already thinking about drawing how would my own teo slanders and one of their proxies each, would look if they decided to attend said reunion.
It also sounds like a good opportunity to interact with other slander owners and more proxies than just Slender ones. There are some very cool slanders out there I’d like to see more, plus their proxies.

That could be interesting, I have seen I think one father and a mother once? But don't know much to be honest.

It could be cool, especially since I like seeing everyone theories about the slander species.

I personally like to think that they just, make each other in an odd asexual way, pretty much using special trees for creating slanders in the inside, so there’s not exactly a mother or father just, one that existed and start making others (I still need to work a lot in that ^^;)

AK-47x Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016
I wouldn't mind that we had at least few people taking part take but it is still a big thing to do and you need to be working in it half the time lol

so I might do if I hear more people wanting it hehe

i didn't really mean really being a mother but more like a tag because they have been around for so long that just call them that , from them knowing about slander beings 

that tree thing does work but if they where made of trees why do they feed on humans ? But that's just be though I would think of but nahhhh hehe
A-Dreamare Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016   Digital Artist

Maybe so it’s not that much work (because it would be a lot) it could be like some sort of, just one drawing and then if someone else want to do it it’s their responsibility to do so, then if someone likes the idea and wants to participate they have to draw them themselves. That way it is less work. (sorry about my English, sometimes I can’t write what I want since it’s not my first language ^^;)


Oh that makes more sense, plus that would be interesting, a slander that calls herself mother because how long she’s been, or a father.


Yeah my theory has still a lot of holes XD… My first thought now was, maybe it’s a special type of tree? I like the tree idea because of some calling Slenderman “Tree man”.  Could be a carnivorous tree plant? I don’t know where, but I’m sure I once read about a tree that feed from blood on its roots. Anyway I’m getting off topic here, sorry XD

AK-47x Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016
Yeah but still maybe when I have over lot of time on my hands  maybe I'll do it when I get to 900watchers XD
But it's just what I feel like hehe

its okay ewe

yeah I think I have a what she could look like but it's meh.

This kinda give me idea eeeeee
A-Dreamare Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016   Digital Artist
Sounds like a good goal ^^
Would it be okay with you if even if you don't make the whole thing now, would it be ok if I drew two of my proxies following this idea? Giving you credit of course, I'm just really curious to see how they'd look all dressed up.

Oh now I'm curious XD
I should keep working on that tree theory.
AK-47x Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016
Oh go head! ^^ tag me because it be fun to see lol

well there my theory 
slander beings had been around as all as man as, from there eating ways 
since there are female and males being that they could of be like humans and make baby's or why the have the gender roles  is that males could be more " relax " the females would be more " out going"  or something like that, both are fine but most slander beings can go anywhere meaning that they can live on other world then are own like shadow world of some kind, they could of come from they, where things are odd there like what up is down and what is down is up type of stuff , that could be why there so tall from there world being  different 

but whatever XD

you do you boo
MadiRoMa Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Do it, right now.
And those two look amazing xD
I love how Ray is innocent and can pass as a guy.
Reminds me of a scene of an anime I watched.
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