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Oh my god by AK-47x Oh my god by AK-47x

here is my view on Zeus and his brothers, their are going to be characters in my story's 
I know that they look younger and I can tell you why 
one day in new olympus , after Zeus wanted to have power over the blackfires name , but Emma finding away for her ,that her actions where bloodoth
( don't know how to spell It  ehhh )
name making him  pissed off so after that lack fires had work to do in new 
olympus from a all day at work They when for a walk and running in to Zeus , Emma being Emma she started to haut him , Zeus about to push Emma off 

( fact- to make a fallen angel they will need fall off 
olympus and it makes the angel a open for any power to go in to , like a demon can take the body of fallen used their power for bad things, but before they hit the ground , they fall though a space called the cosmos. The Cosmos makes them in to a fallen , )
 Poseidon stopped and he did but hades came and pushed his brothers and Emma off 
angel blackfire jump off to get her sister , sam got rope putting around her self and jumping off after the two.
discord told on to the rope as sage , Damion, hikage and todiaz started to pull up the girls and Zeus even Poseidon as well.
the ground holding the pullers started to fall , hades knock off the what was holding them , before they fall sage take hades down with them 
as part  
olympus fell with them coming into the cosmos , the 3 brother got everyone on a part of the fallen olympus as they did so the cosmos made the brothers younger 
( if they stayed in the cosmos they would of become kids then baby's then nothing )
getting out when they did they fell into the sea 

and I'll end it their of what and why they look the way they do 

who do you like?

theWolfdragon21 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
This is by far the coolest thing i have seen
Hoa-prox Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
3. Poseidon, 2. Hadds, 1. Zeus. I actually like the bad guys at most but Zeus looks so gajshdhjadg just cool! ^^ :D
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