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Kissing meme for luke x Ray by AK-47x Kissing meme for luke x Ray by AK-47x
because drawing to people kissing is fun 

I wanted the two kissing so what better way then do a meme of it hehe 

luke is Ria-Sora27 ( sick of me yet? ) 

ray is  my baby 

what at is your favourite kiss ? ( I'm kinda surprised that there was not make out one hehe) 
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LilWeaklin Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2016
Shxyxugfigfjfzhthdsrxaahoghch -!!!
*insta death from overheating *
AK-47x Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016
._. Uhhhhhhhhhh hmm *gives a ice pack * chill lol 
Lugia20711 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
RiaSora27 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pfffft, sick of you?? NONSENSE!! I told you I'm immune. Mwahahahahaha!! Psyco 

Welp, I dunno if you read my comment on your stash but, I LOVE THIS INTO BITS.
My fave though is the Angry Kiss, Drunk/Sloppy Kiss, Sorry Kiss, Missed you Kiss and Spiderman kiss (good thinking there Ray, surprising Luke..hahaha)..xDDD 

Btw, why not try sending this on Luke's group. Actually, any arts of you with Luke in it. You're the Co-Founder, you're free to submit and it will be automatically accepted..xDD
AK-47x Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016
Some day you won't be >w> ehehehe

 I did but I wasn't able to reply back, I was doing work up by somewhere did have any Service for a week so that's why I was only sending the note to you but not replying ^^; and why I have so much art now because I had time Up there

Hehehe ewe yeah she probably watched Spiderman before had ....I also think she would watch Star Wars and  after she would go to luke and say " luke....I am your father..."  >w> eeeee

i would of at the time but it was late and I was gonna to do when I woke up the next day .w. 
RiaSora27 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, I understand it 83

Hehehe, yeah.
Actually another friend of mine used STAR WARS as a reference too xDD
Hahaha, I don't know much about Star Wars but is the protagonist there the same name as Luke?
I'm curious x3

Oh, and I need you to see this!! >w<
It's Luke's MMD model. The one I'm saying before.
It's done! xD 

Mmd Newcomer Luke Evans V0 1 Dl By Penellis-dacj
AK-47x Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016
You haven't seen Star Wars ;A; ??? Where everyone  knows Star Wars, well for me that is, my brother was really into it so I had to watch all the movies when we where kids 
But this is what people mean by it…
the main character is named luke  Hehe and he's one of the last guy who can do the thing and choose one etc.

ah cool , 3D stuff ewe good for you. Back when I fist came to DA i always wanted 3D model of my characters but I soon got over it, when realize it was just like a picture, it's only really takes in the play when it starts moving  

Heres a Peak of what I been working on…

There's gonna be creepypasta for it as well but it's my first time so it's most likely gonna be shit lol
RiaSora27 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, I have seen Star Wars, just haven't watched it so I never knew the story. XD
But now it's kinda interesting. Haha xDD

I was wishing for a 3D Model before and that's why I was thankful that my wish came true.
It made me surprised especially when Luke was dancing like an idol. It kinda felt like he's 
alive, looking handsome and all. I'm happy cuz I wanna do that in the future, making 3D 
models move. It inspires me to keep on going so I'm thankful for the one who made Luke's model. ^^

Also a bit of advice, though it's not really similar in terms of appearance, your concept for your new OC and Josephine is just like with "Big Daddy and Sleeping Daughter" by Martyrous. You might want to check on their reference sheet.

Similar in terms like:
- Josephine does whatever Baby Girl says, just like Big Daddy w/ Sleeping Daughter
- Baby Girl's eyes are blind(scratched on, meaning she can't see too) just like how Sleeping Daughter can't see as well
- Baby Girl is always with Josephine and calls her mommy, Sleeping Daughter is always with Big Daddy and Big Daddy always on guard and protecting Sleeping Daughter. She calls her daddy, cuz he's her biological father. (Not much similar but the term "always with them" and calling names like Daddy and Mommy makes them like they're counterpart versions.)

Just some points I saw that people (especially those who are wanting to ruin other people's lives and OCs, yeah those shitty people) might point out and bash. Be careful. Tbh, I like Josephine Doll without the other OC sticking with her. Just her as a Creepy Doll. Unless you could make a very reasonable story how they're connected. :3

Also you need to explain why she can be human for a short while during New Moon (what's the cause), why does she existed more than 50 years? Is she human before turned to doll? Or she's a cursed doll? Why does Baby Girl's father wants to put doll eyes on her causing for her eyes to be scratched? How does Baby Girl met Josephine and why does Josephine follows her orders?

These are the questions that people might ask. So be careful and be sure you're ready to answer it. Origin is very important. >w<

GOOD LUCK!! :iconairpunchplz:
AK-47x Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016
alright ;3;

i already  thought of that , I remember hearing about "big daddy and the sleeping daugther " ( it's basically the same concept of the big daddy and little sister  from BioShock  just in creepypasta lol) and i see your points 

here are my points,  and my reasoning

josephine is a interesting concept but not interesting character, i want to do more with her but how could i do that if the character interesting if the character is more of a thing then a being, Josephine's one of the hardest charaters  for me to develop it's because she's only one thing and that is creepy,  if i try to make josephine more human she would lose what made her creepy to start with so i started thinking  about how i could maker her more interesting 

and like that Brooklyn was made , with the new oc being next to josephine, i had more opeings for joosephine, for example , brooklyn can translate for Josephine and give josephine more of a purpose.

- josephine what she says but not all the time, more of the lines of protecting  her " it is hers " 
- i do say i could change that, it just trying to find a way to make her creepy too lol although that does play a part in the story though joesphine makes her father do it , joesphine does not likebeing  watched 

- she only calles her mom not mommy, its more of a nickname for josephine ( hell even alex or ray could call her that XD) thats beside the point , she with josephine because she is a child, 

over all 

its isnt a daughter and mother relationship, josephine is not human if anything she might even be like lady in some ways , but instead of men , it's children, josephine took boorklyn for her own,and why  she would do this is because she is a mother who lost her kid long time ago. most likely when she gets older , she probably kill her or let her go....and look for a other kid 

and your right ...she is just a creepy doll ....but if i add this too her character.....think about it...what's worse? someone coming and killing your child ? or someone taking your child to never be seen again ? 

thats  just what i was going for...but now im second-guessing myself now, should i even finish it now? should i even upload it ?  i was so confident that this was the best choice  * sit off in the corner*
RiaSora27 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I see your point, I'm only giving my opinion 
But you know, it always comes to whatever you want to do with your OC. (OwO)

Tbh, you don't need to make your OCs more acceptable to people 
All you need is to enjoy what you wanna do with your babies
And don't give a fuck at all to those people who bashes you

At least that's what I do and as well as other people here in this fandom.
Canon or not, famous or not, all characters of Creepypasta and Slenderverse
are just OCs created by people like us, an artist and hobbyist. There shouldn't be
comparison of what is good or bad. They're just the same. 83

So upload it or not. Continue it or not.
It's your choice. But be sure you're happy with your decision.
You don't need to be pressured and make people love your OC.
Just think of yourself and love what you do and your OC.

:iconyuihugplz: :heart:
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