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Emma Jones- ref 2018 by AK-47x Emma Jones- ref 2018 by AK-47x

I have reading Problem, with grammar and some times selling. “Dyslexia” so please if you see me messing up my words, that's probably why.

Now thats out of the way. Gonna make her a actual reference, something I never really done before so, I’m sorry if my grammar will be messy.


Emma was the first character what i had made and took few years to develop, i never give her reference or anything , from the fear people not liking her or people thinking he was some edgy sonic character

in this fact that emma actually isn’t in the sonic world, i just really loved drawing in this style, the sonic style. Her story can work with out this fact alone, its just my own fun of drawing her likes this lol 

i hope ya cp fans are okay with this, I never really give emma a good ref before so i wanted to do this too...jas was going to help me out with this but things happen ..SO I’m gonna try my best to give as much info i know about my 9 year of development character ^^

Often this is my way of dealing with my worrys since it reminds me of time where everything felt okay, and I didn’t have to do so many things.

anyways enjoy 


Name: Emma .B Jones  ( the “B” is short for “Blackfire”)

Allies:  Emmy, joey...idk

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: female 

Age: 26 ( although she been around for lot longer)

Sexuality: unknown 

Alignment: villain

Special Abilities: her powers don’t have name but like I in the ref, her powers acts like a battery , it keeps energy in side Emma and it’s not very effective on its own but onto objets to give life into them. Can control the object at will, for example if there is a  sculpture  of animal she can make it move on it’s own, does not have mind of its own and only follows Emma’s thoughts acting more of part of herself in some ways. 

However since this is a battery like power , she can only put so much into things until she runs out. But if saved for long period of time can be  explosive. This power works best with cars and other types of  vehicles  since the vehicle can feed off the power Emma is giving off.

but if has any type of engry inside she can give more  power in it.

Relationship Status: unknown 

Hero Type: Speed

Likes: junk food, over the top violence, herself,  when ideas come together, sexual activity’s lol, power junkie, fights, flying, music, stealing,

Some times she would like to be lazy won’t do anything for week. Be chilled af 

Dislikes: seriously people, being told what to do ( she will do the opposite on what you tell her to do ), heroes,  emotional people, relationships, annoying people who ask her too many things, 

Personality: Cocky, Narcissistic, Stubborn, Intelligent, Sarcastic, Sassy, clever, can get angry  if you know what to say, 

Down time: she is actually very relaxed then her energetic personality, can be bit of lazy person but sometimes she makes music with her powers from the sound it makes when it uses 


Will be up when I’m done writing it. Or the  summary  even that lot haha but it had all reasons on why she this wayyyy it’s just longggg

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