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Colors by AK-47x Colors by AK-47x
if your are wondering who. The characters are they are really old one , like when I first started drawing characters
Okay the little girl is name Lilly and she is super smart that she made the guy with the blue in the hair his name is blueD or BD FOR blue-D but his real name is Zachariah the 7th and his brother small green not like his brother blue he doesn't have a name other then small green
why they are name that way is from Lilly making them after colors and from them being mostly Machine and some organs for their codeing like "g-12" ( random example) but with colors and letters 
the girl is hugging him is Princess she has name but she is from another planet where blue's soul came from, on the day of making him, meanwhile the other him  was on the planet about to get marry to the princess then he was taking way and some one assassinate him and at that moment be for being killed,Lilly took him out of his body on that planet and moving him in to that one he is in now and why she did it was that she was a lone having no mom or dad , she wanted a friend or just someone 
the one with the bear is Onna she comes in later and she does the cooking

their a lot more to tell about them but I don't have the time

Also so this was really old when I started it so it was half done I just now did it
Aya-I Featured By Owner May 14, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really nice effects!
lucar3213 Featured By Owner May 14, 2015  Student Digital Artist
They look interesting, espeacially the one with the bear
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