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Blue green red by AK-47x Blue green red by AK-47x
Hey Yeah...a thing 
ok ok,I been really wanting to draw these guys
they are from past and first time never making a character 
im gonna tell you who they are and stuff

why the D ? Well it is short divergent ( not the books the meaning lol) and they are Android/humanoid beings, in the world they live in is a world with the highest technology to never be seen to a point of even travel to other galaxies

blue was the first one to be maded and the only one to have a actually a soul in him ( that only is a story to be told the other time ) and from this , he will never run out of power for that his should gives it to him and out of the two he is most human like , he is the type of guy who can make friends with anyone from him being kindhearted and a" Hero type " , going out of his way to save/ Comfort / care For you 
his color means " open mind , open sky " to say that he will be always open mind about anything, and will take you as you are

green is the youngest but will never get anymore bigger then what you see , his main power is by eating food ( he doesn't need liquids, just solid) he is relax most the time and fools around , being lazy as well. He also likes to use his "little boy" look to get lady's to fondle him lol 
they color for him is " trees blow and teas will go "  for his clam nature and playful , a foolie firend to have 

red the lady here , she runs on "relationship and emotion" , she loves talking to people and making friends, any reaction from another person sexual or not , she is kinda like a "bad girl" loves  to make trouble , for the fun , a "dude attitude" like " oh my god dude she gonna be pissed!" 
Red for her is " rose as fire " showing that she lovely to be around but can double plays with her

All 3 relationship with each other are like siblings brothers to a sister but this is only how blue wants them to act , green and red get into fights but like siblings 

blue is the older then them , he was made by the "little girl " (nick name ) then red was made for blue wouldn't be lone , blue-D wanted to have a brother sooo he made green 

there is so much info about them also few more characters if you wanna know more ask me 

tell me me what you think of 12 year old AK mind lol 

would you be interest on making an Android like this????? Idk 
BrITtLeCaNdY Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016  Student Writer
Ohhh I love the little guy in the middlee!!! The green and black so so cute!! ANd I love the little personalities :33 I would love to know more about them and their species!
ScarletSnowWolf Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  Student Digital Artist
looks awesome!! >vO!!
Mister-23 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016   Digital Artist
Oh these are cute designs indeed.
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