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AU proxy high- loup noir ref by AK-47x AU proxy high- loup noir ref by AK-47x

[Note: This is an AU of Loup Noir, based from her canon/official ref:   Proxy OC - Loup Noir// new update by AK-47x. (please check/read her official ref out first before reading what is down below) Everything from info, story, etc. Some of her info are alternated here in :iconproxyhigh:]

Bullet; Black Basic Information

Alias: Loup Noir

Meaning to Alias: "Loup Noir" means black wolf in French

Real Name: Ray Lillian

Age: 18 (she is aged younger here than in canon ref)

Day of Birth: June 1

Height: 5'8" feet ( she grows into 6’0” feet)

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Class:  :ProxyHigh: Red Class by Kanaya--Maryam

In a relationship with: Dav-Ink's Hoaxton, who is also in Proxy High.

Notable features: 
- Has scars all over her body and arms from hunting animals
- long blonde hair 
- Slender symbol on her neck
- slim but also a bit muscular

Weapon of choices: 

Double bladed staff: (two machetes in her belt)
She had made this out her old machete. Once the machete broke, she had gotten Elk or deer horns for the base and melted together to make the staff 
Now carries it around in her belt as well
Hunting knife:
She does not use this for killing only if she needs too. This is for her to do her hunting with cutting open the animal 
2 Hand weapons (daggers):
used for stabbing or in hand to hand combat 

Bullet; Black Personal Background

Likes: she likes shiny things or things what have a reflection. And really loves photos of just people she likes to imagine what they would look like and why they took it. She also likes to be quiet and listen to the wind of the forest and hearing everything. Out of all the things she likes, her absolute favorite thing is meat , cooked or not cooked she eats it as along it been cleaned and safe ( there's a process) but she does love dry meat as well  

her own voice irritates her, big cities and  populated areas. Fighting between other fellow proxies, night time ( you don't know what's out there)

Though she is often the most pragmatic and straightforward. Ray  tends to act on intuition rather than seriously analyzing a situation. Equable and mellow,  she is capable of remaining composed in most situations. While mostly level-headed, she can still lose her cool. She demonstrates a fierce competitive spirit and also has a tendency to act in extremes, either maintaining her normally reserved nature. Ray is also encouraging of the proxies, although she can be very honest when she does choose to speak but sometimes doesn't understand people. She is mostly blunt in nature.

Short History: 
[alternated from her official story in her canon ref]

In their childhood, Ray and her brother Rag were both orphans as their parents who are both musicians were both killed by a mischievous fan. They ran off to the forest and an unknown Slender being who was about to kill them, have predicted their abilities and they took them in and trained them well independently (they didn't have a choice), and this is how they got better living outdoors. Ray is more into hunting animals and she has mastered combat and stealth independently, while her brother is rather quite creative and combative as well. Until finally both planned to ran away to live by themselves without the monster watching over them. They jumped into the river to escape after attempting to burn him down. Wet but safe they went back to their own lives again. Rag went back to the city and he met Jeda and thought she is beautiful, both began to talk and date. After bading goodbye, he went back to the woods and at that moment meeting Ray, they saw a tall faceless man. The man have observed their abilities since they were children with the other slender being. He told them that if not one of them goes with him, he will kill them both. Ray decided to go because she knew how her brother would love to be more in the city. She told him not to worry. So both of them bade their goodbyes as Rag got her ready with all the stuff she needs in this place and told her everything what she needs to do to where Slender would take her. Rag promised to find a way to get closer with her as his sister agreed. Ray kissed his cheek as she later on heading to Proxy High, while Rag stayed with Jeda.

Bullet; Black Abilities

Skills and strengths:
- very fast
- good at dodging
- great at stealth
- has known combat for a long time
- often quick and creative learner
- could play piano

often times she can be naive, but will learn soon as she can
- curiosity gets to fool her
- can be stubborn
- an outcast to humans from living in the wild and being huntress most of the time

The Cougar 
Name: bessy 
Age: 8 years old 
Personality: sassy 

Was baby by ray since she was kitten, and sees ray as mother figure.
she will not  attack  any one on her team, she is  highly trained  to  listen to ray. And will not leave rays side or be far away from her. 

Loup Noir/Ray Lillian by AK-47x
ProxyHigh by UmmuVonNadia
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foxxieeee Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Is this a thing where everyone can draw his proxies ocs in that? :0 cause if yes man imma do it
AK-47x Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018
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Shawntheimmortal94 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Huh she looks cool...okay*Streatches* HERE’S MY TOP ELEVEN JOKES ABOUT HER! 11)I’m worried about her but then again she has enough experience being around a cougar
10)she looks ruff around the edges
9)I hope she has enough paws to stick around!
8)I wonder what’s her favorite food? I bet she wolfs it down
7)I hope she doesn’t have COLLARa
6) She needs friends and she has to stop being a lone wolf!
5)I bet she likes hump days
4)She’s a badass! She doesn’t roll-over for anyone!
3) Hey, does she want a stick of gum?
2)Damn, did she skin that wolf pelt? It really is a dog eat dog world, huh?

AND THE NUMBER 1 JOKE ABOUT THIS CHARACTER IS...She asked me out on a date and I was really skeptical at first but I now know that I like dances with wolves! 

AK-47x Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018
If she heard all this , she just ask why your saying wolf lot lol
Shawntheimmortal94 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
She doesn’t like puns?
SailorMoonFan666 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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AK-47x Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017
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AK-47x Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2017
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