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IZ - Spoils of War _ZADR_
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Published: July 9, 2006
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Or alternatively titled Tallest!Zim and Slave!Dib (or hell, even Iason!Zim and Riki!Dib from Ai no Kusabi)

SEE! If you choose option three in THIS picture ([link]) then the above is the result.

uhm. Irken script on screen no. 1 goes something along the lines of 'incoming transmission stand-by for transmission....' and the writing on Dib's leg states 'Property of Zim'.

Yes. As you can see I attempted to colour this the 'classy' greyscale way. ahaha me classy *snort snort* god, someone shoot me please and put me out of my misery.

Sketched up on paper, coloured in with Photoshop CS2 and trusty tablet.
Invader Zim and characters belong to Jhonen Vasquez and his ill-prone belly.
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maevemaelstrom|Student Digital Artist
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dib outfit remind me of riki outfit for Ai no Kusabi
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I love the look on Zim's face here, he's so triumphant! Dib looks hot, but he could have looked a bit sadder in his defeat, or maybe he likes/is enjoying his fate...... Great pic!
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InvaderJulia|Hobbyist Writer
Is it wrong that I ind this sooo smexy?!?!?! :D:D:D:D:D
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MockingVenus|Student Traditional Artist
I like option 3 :clap:
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Holy crap!! I clicked the link on that up in flames one, expecting a joke, but instead I got a child-hood destroying image burned into my retinas which will never be unseen 'til the end of time. That seems to happen a lot on this site.
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WHY is this so hot to me?! O.O You have a total gift... keep it up!
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csh203|Hobbyist General Artist
teehee i like the turnout of #3 :D :iconhurrplz:
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0.0....-drools- all me need noww is a side veiw pick on zim holding dibs head up be the chin with them still in that out fit and dib faceing zim on his hands and knees with a bit of drool or -cough cough- other questionable bodily fluids dripping down his chin with a deep blushh and zimlooking very satisfied with his trade mark sadisticgrin...like he jut made dib hive him a bj XD lol
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WOW *squee* thats insane.
you, my friend, have seriosu talent.
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hehe this is how i want my IZ char Gabby to end up...
its a roleplay but imma make it a fan. fic.
me love the ';Property of Zim' tat on Dib xD i want one.....exept it be ';Property of Gir' instead :D
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very sexy. I love Zim's victorious look and Dib's slutty slave position. Very nice toning with the black and white.
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:icondroolplz: Dib looks so hot
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theginga|Student Digital Artist
This new. And different. And kinda hot.


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NekoTaka|Hobbyist Writer
So very beautiful!
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DRAT!!! i lost the game! DX
(btw i totally agree with you! :la: )
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NekoTaka|Hobbyist Writer
*grin* My siggy WINS!
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Hee hee hee :heart: I adore the way Zim's sitting!

Dib wouldn't be wearing a pet ring by any chance? :lol:
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FarfarellosGirl|Hobbyist General Artist
... I... Love... You. *faint*
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Lovely^^ I love Aims expression, and the design for Dib^^
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Yeeeessss... Now there's a crossover I'd love to see. Ai no Kusabi and Invader Zim. Now that is love. ~<3

And you're art is awesome! Honestly, what impresses me the most is your shading. I suck at shading. >.>

Anyway, I love your art! Aaaand... you are watched by another. ^.^
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They're both so...pretty :D

Lovin' the Greyscale. It adds alot more to the picture than color would. At least to me it does.
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