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Twilight Sparkle - Sketch

Another humanized mane 6 sketch I had managed to do. I gave her a tank top because I can't paint any more complicated fabric than that. I seem to be struggling, going back and forth, in my decision whether I should approach it in a realistic or a cartoony/manga result. Also, apparently, I find it more difficult to paint a side view than a three-quarter or a front view. 

C & C are welcomed!

I also went to look for more references, and to a point I just googled "side view portrait lighting". Haha! Anyhow, let me just put a few of the links down if you guys might be interested too. No really, check them out!

Maybe I should do the rest of the Mane 6. 

My other MLP humanized attempts:
Fluttershy by aJVL Sunset Shimmer - Sketch by aJVL
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Looking very nice ^_^
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:) This is a wonderful painting of Twilight Sparkle! And I'm not gonna lie, but she surprising almost looks like Tara Strong! :D

:thumbsup: Outstanding job on this painting!! :D 
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She look so beautiful.
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The cutest humanization I've ever seen!
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Really nice !
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How do You draw these????? Also I love it😎
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unique design, looks very Disney like
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Gosh. Would have loved it if the movie style had looked something like this, that bears more resemblance to high school girls.
Is this how you picture her as a human, or as a girl/ filly?
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Mm... You could say so. For a better visual comparison (because Im still terrible at painting humans), it's kinda like the characters in the game Life is Strange. 
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Ah. Had to look that up- looks pretty cool, and I can see the resemblance.
Well done!
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I just found my new desktop picture.

EDIT: Never mind, my resolution screws the picture up. (Makes it all pixelated.)
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Use it for your phone. XD
Hardc0r3Br0n3's avatar
Wow, why didn't I think of that?
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Greetings there, aJVL—gosh your name rolls off the tongue—I was wondering if I could use this picture in the possible future for a one shot of Twilight on Earth?
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Sure. Go right ahead!
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I think the direction you're going with your anatomy approach is going great so far, and I can't wait to see where it will go in the future :eager:
That's one cure adorable daughter.

Man, I think I'm getting old if I think she's looks like someone's daughter.
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That's sweet. Is it somebody you know?
No, but my mind already decided she just like someone's daughter. Heh I'm old.
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Perfect rendition of Twily :3 Love her expression and your painterly style.
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By the far the most perfect and real looking Twilight Sparkle that I have ever seen.
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