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Sunset Shimmer - Sketch

After watching the new Equestria Girl movie a few months ago, I can't help but have the urge to draw the humanized version of the Mane 6. Unfortunately, I had almost close to zero experience in drawing humans before the movie, so I think you would know how that turned out.  Then again, I thought this might be the kick I need to start learning figure drawing and human anatomy, so I put down all the things I was sketching then and just focus only on drawing humans. Needless to say, it's difficult, but after pencil sketches upon pencil sketches, I decided to pick some of the decent one ( I think ) and made a painting out of it. So, this was the result. 

I definitely have a lot of rooms I need to improve on, like the flow of the hair, basic poses, skin tone color etc. 

My other MLP humanized attempts:
Twilight Sparkle - Sketch by aJVL Fluttershy by aJVL
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This is just so good...I can't even...:faint:  Excellent! Fantastic! Bravo! Every detail, every proportion is done right! It's so beautiful!:huggle: :heart:-Kay
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Can you draw Rarity?
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You're a master...
I love this gorgeous picture of my fave character! :) you should keep drawing humans, you're very good at it! 
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Lovely portrait
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I have a crush on Sunset Shimmer. :)
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For one who has little experience in drawing human figures, this turned out very well, indeed. You applied your skill in shading to good effect, and Sunset's facial proportions and seem fine, too. I look forward to see what you might do in the future in terms of drawing humans in more dynamic poses.
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I'd say the anatomy here is absolutely spot on!
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I think in it's raw unrefined state it's kind of charming. Thanks for sharing :+fav:
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The. Hair. Is. Amazing. Not kidding.
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I love how you've drawn her: you've given her an almost ethereal quality. 
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I love the detail you put into the face. I really like how it seems to be the focus of the work.
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Wow you've much talent!!!!!!Congratulation 
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Wow. beautiful! 
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Love by KmyGraphic  feature here features of the week! and my new art i wish you happy holidays!! Snowman by KmyGraphic
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Oh my, thank you so much!
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