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Ready for Science?

I gotta find a good way to fill the background in the future. It looks absolutely bland. 

Anyhow, the recent short videos for Friendship Games has been great! I have high hope for the next movie, that's for certain.

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Should I be concerned? I feel like I should be concerned.
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Me: alright (do I gave an odd felling:?)
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I love Sunset Shimmer she's so smexy <3
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so beautiful art work XD
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Ready for science? You bet I am! ;) ;) ;)
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This is lovely :D
For some reason, Sunset looks better wearing the lab coat then she does with her leather jacket. Don't get me wrong, she rocks that jacket but the Lab Coat just 'fits'.
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i think i was the only one who didnt think of a kids movie when she said "getting my hoof, err hands dirty" while making this pose...
I didn't either. My mind went to the gutter pretty quickly.
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err... ok?
i think google translate needs some improvement, since every translation for "gutter" it comes up with doesnt make sense in this context. or i just dont get it.
Definition: someone who constantly understands a common expression as a perverse undertone or statement. Derived from the common phrase "get your mind out of the gutter."
It's an idium.  If you think about it in english, it doesn't make sense either.  We just know what it means.
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This might sound odd, but maybe try combining your new character stylization with your amazing knack for detailed landscape? Maybe thiswould be an interesting thing to experiment with?
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Dr. Shimmer is in. :)
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I really like the way you drew Sunset. It has a very strange 1950's vibe to it(kinda like those Fallout WWII vintage ads).
When I see her putting on that rubber glove I was kind of expecting her saying "Get ready for your prostate exam". In fact I think that should be the title. :XD:
I hope someone makes a fanfic out of that. It has comedy potential.
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yes, i'm so ready for science
that expression is way too gorgeous
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