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Philomena - Equestria's Finest Phoenix



~Let it light Equestria's path.

First attempt on a bird. Went through some real-life eagle picture to make it at least somewhat anatomically right. Still getting the hang of colour and value.
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I think I'm right in saying that so many people on the internet are familiar with this image, and there's a reason for that. It decorates the backgrounds of so many desktops because it's probably one of the most appealing images you can find. It is, in the best sense of the word, perfection. It would be extremely hard to find anybody who doesn't like this image, since it is such a sharp, beautifully composed image that convinces the eye not to look away for long periods of time.

All those intricate details, such as the strong contrast between the many shades of orange/yellow and blue/green contrasting in this image and Philomena's pose and her position at right center in the image alongside the embers of her feathers flying off to the left of the image, evoking a sense of graceful movement, are what make this image the attention thief it is. It simply looks good. It looks fine anywhere you put it and in any context you see it in. It is an utterly fantastic piece of art that deserves even more praise and attention than it already has!