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July 1, 2017
One Late Afternoon - Twilight Sparkle by aJVL uses incredible light and color to build a wonderful environment
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by NhacuaDau
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One Late Afternoon - Twilight Sparkle


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Something I had in mind to paint when I first saw Legend of Everfree. 

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RushCars24ID's avatar
Those attention to detail, it is stunning!
infraturbopigcart's avatar
I love her bedroom btw nice work
CEO-of-Club-Penguin's avatar
aaaaa!! thank you for this blessed content..... i love your artstyle
Hunternif's avatar
Holy crap, the attention to detail! :O
OddMott's avatar
Wowie, amazing. I just luv all the background details. Reminds me of some of my old college sketches. Glad to see you're doin' so well friend :)
AshCatArts's avatar
A well deserved DD. Beautiful. 
kaykeyser's avatar
I love a picture with so much detail. I almost want to zoom in and find the hidden Easter eggs.
aJVL's avatar
There is one that I had intentionally put in. Did you find it? 
kaykeyser's avatar
I see a twilight plushie, a cutie mark mug, a few photos on the wall, snow globe, fish tank, cutie marked box, like a dice maybe a globe that almost looks like the mare in the moon, a uniform shirt and maybe some books.
SarahLoweez's avatar
Love this, it's super cute!
SlugNasty's avatar
So cool! Congrats on getting the Daily Deviation! :)
bruiser128's avatar
The way you illustrated the objects and colours of Twilight's room makes it feel like looking into her mind.
Honestam's avatar
What an atmosphere !
Siansaar's avatar
Daaamn that looks comfy
AlchemyHearts17's avatar
Always adored Sci-Twi's room design. Thought it fit her perfectly! Really love the lighting and the detail in this, it feels so real.
dancinninjac's avatar
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
That is just incredible! Not just the room but that window part; the lighting, the shading, the adorable teen twilight and her pup Spike... just incredible!
lumenix's avatar
Ururuty's avatar
Grace-Zed's avatar
Beautiful! Love the colours!  Congrats on the DD~!!! :clap: 
MikeAngelo07's avatar
Beautifull. I love the stage.
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