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On A Search For A New Land

" ~ We must find a new land!"

Took an older piece ( BC (Before Canterlot)) and cannibalize it for the idea. I think you can see some of the original color bleeding through on the darker side of the rocks. 
Still trying to learn how to render properly. 

--- My other pony-based landscape ---
Crossing by aJVL To Cloudsdale - Commission by aJVL
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Yes. Yes. This is a fertile land and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land! And we will call it… this land.
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The background looks so realistic...! :omfg: :omfg: :omfg:
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So....PRETTYYYY~! I love it! All that's amazing~~
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Wonderful painting!
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Where's Twilight? :)
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You did an amazing job! Rarity looks so beautiful and refined and the landscape is absolutely gorgeous. I love all the colors and the shading. Very well done. ^^
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Thank you for the kind words! 
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But it's too cold for her marshmallow hoofs to trot a hoof in the desolate tundra barren wasteland of snowy wonders.
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If only Clover the Clever was with her. 
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Poor Rarity (or whatever the queen's name was) as she searches in vain, though it looks like something has caught her attention. She has a great look of surprise, stopped in her tracks. You did lovely work on the unicorn, and the background is very beautiful even if so desolate. Awesome work on the lighting, really setting a awe-inspiring mood.
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Phew... I did something right. Haha

Also, I always love reading those insightful comment of yours! 
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Gorgeous! This artwork is beautiful like a Rarity... or a Princess Platinum ^.^ Awesome work!
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Rarity : Most Gorgeous pony since 2010. XD
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Aww thank you!
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b-but how? kfgljdngz
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