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Old Friends

I don't know what it's called, but I often see this type of style being often used in animation illustration. Shapes are clean and shading relatively simple.

I did a similar one before A Moment in the Sun by aJVL, but only did recently became more fond of this type of work. 

Anyhow, do tell me what you think as I hope to do more of these. 
Is the yellow tint unnecessary, or do you think it should cover the entire background? Are the colors harmonizing well? Any which you may think I can improve on. 
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I want more of this

Wait no

I NEED more of this! =D
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Good lord, you're just freaking amazing. I wish I could you give you more feedback than SQUEE SQUEE SQUEE, but it's about all I got. Sorry! 
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I really like their outfit designs! :D :D :D
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Always loved these two in that episode.
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I love how you did Twilight! ^ ^
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so very awesome :)
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I think the yellow tint adds to the book loving of the characters. It makes the background look like old paper and remind them of the old memories that they shared together. It really fits well with the illustration style of the characters and the characters are very well done.
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Nicely done. It's a relatively minimalistic take on the two characters, but nothing feels under-done or out-of-place.
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Looks very nice. I wouldn't change a thing.
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It sucks that this guy is posting your art without any credits to you.…
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Ah dang... they are still out there. 
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If you have a twitter account you can probably report it. I hear they're actually doing stuff about copyright now.
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I don't know much about animation but it looks awesome.
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This is actually an amazing picture, simple and clean, I love it!
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Glad that you like it! 
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I would've found the character more interesting if her mane wasn't so similar to Twilight's :I y would u do that hasbro 

was was it for the toys hasbro 

Bet they where like “do it for the toys”
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Haha, I guess one of the animator was bored one day and was like "let's repaint Twilight's mane" 
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