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No Magic Sheep, Only Dream

For some reason, I seem to always be late on creating content in respective to the speed of the series. Like, when everybody starts to move on, I'm still back there. It's been almost two month since watching this episode before the hiatus and only did manage to get it out now. I'm a snail, haha. 

Well, no matter the case, I'm glad I can finally upload this. 

P.S. Is it me, or does DA has a bug that makes uploaded picture blurry? If it looks blurry to you, expand the picture or download it. Apparently it's the only fix for now.

--- My Other MLP FanArt ---

What A Breezie Day by aJVL  On A Search For A New Land by aJVL
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The textures here absolutely sell it for me. Fantastic work. :D
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GODS !, Your art is Amazing !!!!!, this is one of the best pics I've ever seen
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Amazing, want this to be 16:9 for wallpaper
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I really like how you bled her mane into the tantibus. And the overall flow and movement really helps the transition as well. Love it!! :D 
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Saw this piece of art accompanied with Quadrivia's dubstep remix of "Penumbra" by NeoN and XAVI as presented by Cider Party. If that last statement is too confusing to understand, I'm pretty much saying I saw this thanks to a YouTube Pony Music outlet and I like it.
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This is just amazing and so beautiful!
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I love the way her wings seem to move with her mane and the Tantabus.
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Ooh, I love how the tantabus and her mane and tail are interwoven and blended together. It looks super cool, and the color scheme adds to it nicely. :D (Big Grin) 
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Oh my gosh it's Luna!!! The mother of The Children of the Night!!!! ☄
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Now I am even more stunned, I love this so so much <3
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Woooaaah...! This looks incredible...! The background is wonderful! Love it! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Luna sure looks amazing here... I just can't stop looking at this masterpiece... :heart: :love: :heart:
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Don't feel too bad about it. I'm always behind the curb a little, so I know how you feel. :pat:
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😍😍😍Wow... that was the most beautiful drawing that i have ever seen of a pony!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜
One of my favorite pony drawings. really nice <3
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