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Little Friends

Been a little slow for me this past week. I don't know why, but recently I have gotten extremely lethargic quickly in the middle of the day and could not seem to concentrate on anything longer than thirty minutes without breaking my flow to go on the interwebz.

Sorry if this falls short than the rest, though I'm glad this is out of the way and I can move on to new idea.

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Я вот спустя всё это время - всё равно недоумеваю, как парниша с Сингапура смог надумать эти берёзы на рисунок... 
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Ага, я вот тоже, случайно увидел эту картинку, думал кто то из русских нарисовал, зашёл в профиль, а там.. Сингапур! Ну вот откуда парнишка из Сингапура знает как выглядят берёзы? И ведь как нарисовал то, как будто видел их в живую. Наверное, путешествовал по северному полушарию.
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The best work I've ever seen.What kind of brush you use?
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I LOVE the way you use soft colors! The clouds tho.. the're so perfect XD
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Why I already found it so damn late? D;
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I really appreciate the background here. I simply adore the way you make the trees and bushes here. Clouds look magnificent. General mood here is very nostalgic and soothing. 10/10
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aww, this is adorable. and don't worry, this is as good as the rest. :heart:
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Sure am glad to hear that! 
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It may not be as grandiose as the rest, but still very pretty!
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I thought maybe it could use a little more detail, like the bushes at the foreground. 
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aww... how cute Meow :3 
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Wow, it looks like it could have been a painting from the real world. It's really beautiful :D
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It's beautiful I really like your brush photoshop :D
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Play with dual brush settings. XD
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As always, Fluttershy is exceptionally sweet and lovely as she revels in the joy of being with her little friends. Great job on the pegasus and butterflies, and super-awesome job on the gorgeous scenery all around. You brought to life a spectacular day. Thanks.
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