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~ woof

Nothing special. Just another generic landscape. I always wonder why there aren't more fanart of the Mane 6's pet. They are too cute and innocent not to draw them. 
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You depicted Winona so nicely here, and you did a fantastic job on the landscape. Great work on the foliage, and the little butterflies were a nice touch. I wonder if Winona actually does have a job where she fetches the special delivery mail for Applejack. :)

Winona Really good painting! Applejack (together) plz 
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La la la la

you're right, they are cute Meow :3 
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That reminds me of the epilogue in Kingdom Hearts =)
sErgEantaEgis's avatar
I love your scenery work. It if it didn't have ponies in them, it would be museum-grade quality. 
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Because I don't know how to paint humans. haha. 
sErgEantaEgis's avatar
It could just be a... no not a still life, the opposite of a still life. Anyway just paintings without humans in time. But your art is wonderful!
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You mean like a Plein air painting? 

Also, thanks!
sErgEantaEgis's avatar
Yes exactly! Mountains, plains, fields, roads, forests, villages, flowers. Gosh, your art is so beautiful, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like seeing all of the beauty of the world. It makes me think of this music piece by John Adams:…
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I love the atmosphere you've created in this piece; you can almost hear the chirps of distant crickets, feel the breeze through the trees, the grass brushing against you, the silent clouds drifting slowly across the sky. Looking at this painting makes me feel at peace. Thank you for the wonderful experience!
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Oh my, thank you so much for the compliment.

I chuckled a little when I'm reading your comment. Not at what you said, but at myself because while I'm trying to type out this response, a part of me is telling that I should be complimenting you instead because I absolutely envy your style. Your linework, choices of color, etc, they are just gorgeous!
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Winona's adorable! I love her Love 
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Wonderful  *v* I thought it was  traditional painting at first!
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Your drawings are so beautiful! I sometimes envy. And then I realize that I otherwise would be unable to fully enjoy the beauty of these drawings. Thank you! (Sorry for the strange English.)
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What was this drawn on?
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What's that?
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I ment, does this take place in animal jam
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I... don't think so. No. I have never heard of it until you mentioned it. 
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Why don't you check it up?
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Winona is so cute!
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I think this is amazing, i have no words to think otherwise! :D
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Thanks! I think I need to work on the color more though. 
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This and previous pic are really nice! I especially like the realistic colors in this one.
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Is it? I thought it came out a little bit too saturated. 
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