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Land of Earth Pony

~ not Dirtville

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of rendering details... No, not quite there yet. I think I'm still having trouble suggesting distant features.

Also, I'm not too sure, but let me know if the contrast looks too high or too low. This could help me to adjust my perception better.

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On A Search For A New Land by aJVL By The Field by aJVL
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You dangled a cute juicy bit of critic bait in front of me, so I’ll bite.

Distant Features:
First off, the trail, I see there to be five parts to the trail each (with the exception of the last) going over a small hill:
Part One: AJ is standing on
Part Two: the small hill to the far left
Part Three: the hill cliff to the far left with the large tan boulder on it
Part Four: the gently sloping hill cliff with the exposed white rock
Part Five: the part of the trail that goes off into the distance up to the large white mountain in the middle

You do seem to understand the concept “distant objects become smaller,” however; part five of the trail does not seem distant enough. Perhaps if you make it hair thin, but of course the lightness of the trail should still contrast well with the green of the grass. Part three and four of the trail seem to be the same size. The beginning of part four needs to be slightly narrower than the end of part three. Part two is fine. As for part one, the area that AJ is standing on is fine. However, the area that is in shadow just in front of her seems odd. It looks to be grassed over which is unusual considering that the rest of trail is not.

The Mountains:
The mountains in the far distance behind the clouds, look like they are in the in the far distance, this is good. However, they are strangely pointy; this is odd because all of the other mountains are rounded.

The Contrast:
The differences between the highs and lows and the perception of distance they project is spot on. All of the light in the painting seems to be coming from one direction, the upper right, which is essential in a natural landscape. Furthermore, on contrast, the time of day seems to be early morning. With long shadows similar to the evening, but, the rest of the landscape is bright and the sky is brilliant blue these things together make it feel like morning.

Over all a gorgeous piece, nice work.