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Just passing through

~ is that a bird?

I have no idea what direction I should take to detail those bushes, so I just "imply details" with textured brushes.
Ugh, could never get the lightings and colours right. I probably should do more value study.

So, I have no idea what to paint recently, and I want to try a different style. I did some experiments on my own but couldn't really get the techniques down to make it right.
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This is a rather nice artwork. I like the golden foliage depicted in this scene, and how the atmosphere feels so peaceful and quiet. I wonder why Fluttershy is looking over her should like that. Perhaps she heard a noise and has gone to investigate? Lovely painting. :)
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So Beautiful and cute!!
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Why you drawing so awesome??? >< :heart:
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This is beautiful. No idea why looking at this makes me feel nostalgic....
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It would be really wonderful to walk through the woods along with Fluttershy!!! :meow: :meow: :meow:
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Looks like Click Clock Woods.
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Lovely picture. Good job. Brohoof
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You know what? Honestly? Your works like this makes me want to cry. Really.
It's heavinly good. Damn. Fairy tale atmosphere. Love it!
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Mind if I use this for a composition I'm working on?
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Go right ahead!
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I love Fluttershy <3 adorbs!
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Lovely colour scheme! :heart:
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Beautiful colours.

The background is fantastic!
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looks really good  your a good arttist
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This is so f*cking cute and awesome that I just want to hug the monitor!
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Oh, wow... I love the warm lighting of this piece, and especially how instead of "standing out", Fluttershy kind of blends into the background, as well... There's a softness and delicacy to the piece that is just beautiful. :)

(Can you tell that I like Fluttershy? xD)
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asome you draw better then me OUO
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