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Hanging by the Edge

~what are zebras to mountains?

Something I did as a birthday present during the first week of September for a friend of mine, :iconbabyshawn2:

This is the last time I'm using this much variation of colour, or at least until I get the hang of lighting.
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This is an absolutely beautiful work of art. In it's entirety, I feel it conveys emotion. Amazing emotion. I won't pretend to be any expert in visual art, so I will simply say that: it is beautiful ind impactful, and the transition between warm and cool colors is so smooth, it feels completely natural. I love it. And the lone tree hanging from the edge of the cliff, holding on with all of it's might is such an amazing point. As Zecora stares across the abyss at the high, rocky mountains, I want to be there too. I honestly do. This scene is so amazingly beautiful and...real.
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This is obviously a really good work of art. There is incredible texture, and I also really like the contrasting warm and cool/orange and blue tones and themes. The foreground, middleground, and backround are clearly defined, which makes up for a lack of a definitive horizon line, though technically that would be the mountains. The only bad thing I will say is that even though Zecora matches the style of the rest of the drawing, I think that the colors on her are a bit too muted, granted that she is a cartoon character, and that she is the main subject of the drawing. The texture could still be there making the pony less cartoonish anyway. Without the pony, the scene would be less touching but still makes sense.
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Someone pinch me im in heaven :D 
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Zecora looks beautiful as ever, especially so contemplative as she gazes out over the edge of creation, thinking about far off lands – perhaps strange and exciting places she's like to explore, or maybe she's remembering her home, the good times mostly. Either way, she's terrific. Gorgeous work on the landscape and background, and the lovely and quite tenacious tree is awesome. Maybe that's a metaphor for how Zecora feels sometimes living just on the edges of society, or maybe it's just a really cool tree growing out of the waterfall cliff. ;) Either way, it's quite awe-inspiring.


As always, it's a true pleasure to take in and find so much beauty and meaning in your artwork. Also I really like picking it apart a little so that both you and I can understand what I love so much about each work. Thanks.
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Gorgeous masterpiece :clap:
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You do know this pic is one of the cover pictures for, right?
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Mmmhmm, I do.
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This is amazing, and grats on getting on FimFiction :)
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I love this picture!! IT's really cool and I love the landscape that you did.
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Woooaah!!! Now that's a really beautiful secret scenery from the Everfree Forest!!! :omg: :omg: :omg:
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This piece of art is a thing of classical beauty! If Zecora had been replaced by a Dragon, I would have believed I was looking at the work of Ciruelo...
Good work. Good work indeed.
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Such grace, they cry! Such style! Such hors d'oeuvres!
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This sorta looks like something from Kung Fu Panda
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Wonderful Landscape, including the birds, the cloud, the tree and the everything.

Also reminds me of :iconthelionkingplz: and Zecora is :iconadultsimbaplz::iconsays3plz:Everything the light touches belongs to me.
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"Everything the light touches belongs to me."
All your base are belong to us.
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Hey, I'm doing a music video collective of great MLP art on youtube. Mind if I add this?
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nothing more to say. just as good as the rest!
Wow just wow
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