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Not sure if the colour works here, and so is my rendering. I've been looking up on a lot of references and trying to be more bold when it comes to colour to learn how they work together. Anyhow, here's Angel Bunny and the bag from that main series comic issue #23
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From a distance, I thought Angel was a Magearna.
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Oh, this is lovely! The title of this piece is "Found It!" - presumably referring to Fluttershy's satchel in the foreground... but oddly enough; Angel seems infinitely more interested in that magnificent orange butterfly on the upper left of the painting. Haha. :D Or perhaps it was a caterpillar that had escaped, and Fluttershy had been looking for it and so that's why Angel is so much more interested in it. :)
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What program do you use?
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Photoshop and his trusty stead, Wacom. 
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Hehe, is it the CS6 verson?
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Yep! But the general tools I've used has been available since, I don't know, CS1 or even earlier. 
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Butterfly Wing (2) Added
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Hmm... is that a reference?
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Oh, right. Lol, now I get it. 
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You just became my new favorite artist, this is amazing!
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Simple, yet effective! :)
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It's nice to see Angel smile rather then that pout he always does.
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Aw!!! How cute!!! :aww: :aww: :aww:
So this was inspired by the main series comic issue #23? I must need to catch up on those comics... :eager: :eager: :eager:
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Oh definitely. There are so many things the author could do in a comic that would otherwise wouldn't be approved on air. 
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As much as I don't like Angel, THIS IS TOO ADORABLE!! :squee:
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It's that feeling when you don't know whether you like him or not. Haha
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Whoa! That's literally the best work I've seen in weeks!
Awesome job on the coloring and the little details!
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Thank you for the compliment!
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You are very welcome! ;P
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Also, love your traditional arts. Those are some great work!
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Thank you!
I'd love to submit the nine drawings I finished two weeks ago but my scanner's still broken... :(
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That's a shame. I'm sure the people here would want to see them. 
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