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I wanted to humanized Fluttershy, but somewhere in the middle of the painting I think I took a blind turn and now I hardly find any resemblance apart from the pink hair and yellow blouse. I'm still calling it Fluttershy for the title since that was my initial plan, unless others call for it otherwise. Honestly though, does she even look like Fluttershy?

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Aww she’s so pretty

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Lookin good.  Please do the dazzlings in the future.
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You may not have captured the physical features you intended to make this a Fluttershy you recognize, but you definitely captured her quiet and shy spirit in this. You also made her seem young, like an adolescent. Which is kind of what one's mind goes to when thinking of her demeanor. I think you did a better job than you think. I recognize her as Fluttershy your interpretation of what she looks like is refreshing.
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She looks more like Aurora from Child of Light than Fluttershy
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Yea, she look too off to be Fluttershy. 
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Hm, the posture and pose in general is very Fluttershy-like, but her face has some qualities that are unlike her. For example, it's mostly the nose mixed with those eyes that might make her look...less like Fluttershy. Her eyes would probably go better with a different shaped nose, possibly smaller. 
But it's still a great painting nonetheless. 
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When you say it, yes, it does look like Fluttershy. She does have that kind of innocent look and pose. But at first I thought she looked a bit like Bubblegum from Adventure time or Aurora from Child of Light because of the pink hair;) well, except the crown:P she does look more like Fluttershy than them, though.
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To be honest... no, it doesn't look the way I imagine human Fluttershy to look.

Now I have to ask myself, what is she supposed to look like?
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Nah man, that's definitely Fluttershy.
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Could you do Rainbow dash!
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I'll try. Her hair is gonna be a huge challenge. 
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She's beautiful. :)
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I dunno, looks Flutter enough. The face is fine, it's just the expression, I'd say. Had it been a different expression, everyone would be "ermahgerd this is 110% flutters".
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Pshh.. It's beautiful.
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i didn't even realize it was fluttershy, the hair and the face isn't really looking like her
but still, it's good!
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Hmm, the face doesn't really resemble her (not shy enough :() but the art still looks lovely :) I'd say you succeeded, actually.
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Yeah, she looks like Fluttershy. 
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Not really, but she looks just as lovely.
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...Shes so beautiful!
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Not really, no. Sorry. :/
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I've gotta say yes. she looks like what i'd imagine shy would look like if she was a real human girl. 
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It definitely has an aura of 'Fluttershy' about it, which is better by far than simply doing a yellow skinned chick with pink hair and calling her Fluttershy.
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