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Derpy - Ooo Bubbles


Wallpaper for all of you! I appreciate all the watches, comments, and encouragement many of you had given. I know I don't really reply to them, but I do acknowledge.
Every single compliment makes me wanting to do more, striving to do better. I still have a loooooooooooooooooooooong way to go.

Bubble tutorial from one of the ImagineFX magazine. Forgot which issue since I've already returned it to the library.
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Hello again!

I kinda like the idea of this piece. Have our little derpy stare at some bubbles and such, but also add a touch of realism that has a bit more than what this may have looked like if this idea was executed with vectors instead.

I've personally wondered if I could also achieve a level of realism with our cartoon ponies, but I eventually thought that if I wanna keep doing ponies, I may probably want to focus more with composition and coloring than creating form to our subjects that just doesn't have any to begin with. I dunno about how you feel about this, but for me, I've decided to spend my effort on composition, striving to do more with more simplier styles.

While I can't be entirely confident on what level of 'real' you want though, but I have some thoughts I could offer anyways. After looking at real objects long enough, I finally figured out how highlights work. Highlights do not directly face a light source unlike areas that has a shadow on them. Highlights appear on surfaces of an angle between one facing the eyes, and another facing a light source. Highlights appear where light directly bounces off a surface in a fashion like laser beams bouncing off mirrors. Places in which highlights don't appear are places where light is scattered around instead of simply bouncing off like a mirror.

Not that I have had much blond hair to observe, but my black hair seems to have very, very strong highlights. The highlights on my own hair is actually white. I would imagine blond hair to be the same. The hair we have here may have beautifully soft colors but the colors are rather muddy for hair as I'm not really seeing any strong highlights. I can't picture how this would impact the piece right now, but it's probably useful to know.

The highlights in Derpy's eyes are kind of like what I see on cartoonistic styles, but IMO they don't seem to work all that well when you try adding them to something more real. Flat vector work seems to get away with careless placements of eye highlights, but the large highlight on Derpy's left eye suggests a large light source from behind but the lower highlight suggesting one in front of her and below some. For some reason why aren't completely convincing highlights because it's a little dark for being reflections of a light source.

We could also probably go for darker pupils, considering there are darker colors in other areas of this painting.

I also noticed the ear being lowered. Last I remember from reading a few tidbits about horses, horses generally point their ears in directions which catch their interest. It may be more intuitive to have Derpy point her ears forward. Ponies from the show seem to lower their ears at times when they're feeling angry or scared among other emotions that might be fitting, but I've never seen them lower their ear when something fun and good catches their attention.

Then, one of the biggest things I notice is this curious fact that you completely left out a mouth in a piece that tries being a little real by giving our ponies some form. I am not sure how this works, and I am not sure if the two styles are clashing. I dunno how to feel about it as it's totally illogical but it works well enough.

Overall, great piece that falls a bit short on trying to be real, but it somehow can get away with completely leaving out a mouth. Heh. I suppose I still have a ways to understand why some art styles work while others fall kinda short. This works better than whatever intuition I have tells me,.
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Oh my, thanks for this in-dept critic! I would see if I can make those changes and get to an update.

I've never tried to go for full realism in my paintings. I've trying to achieve a mix between the show original style coupled with fundamentals in art, like lighting, values, forms, and composition etc. It's kinda like what Cosmicunicorn is doing, but with my own style, of course.

Semi-realism, if you will, because full realism is really not exactly feasible.
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Just letting you know, I used this image for a song I released today. I credited you in the description.…
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That is adorable!!
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Don't burst her dream!
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This is my new wallpaper!
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Really beautiful. Makes me smile inside and out.
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great job!

I love all the dark colors!
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Those are terrible ><
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I would love to hang this on my wall
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I would love to see it.
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This is beautiful, taking derpy to be more than what most bronies imagine her to be ^^
I love these pics with brush stroke effects, simply brilliant. I find the most enjoyment in imagining the texture on my hand, whether from what surface the picture was painted on or how it would feel if I were to run my hand through the hair and skin if it were a 3d object. The temperature, a type of stone or tapestry....
Anyone that can invoke that type of extrasensory stimulus with just a picture, online or otherwise, they have my respect (if that means anything XD). Awe inspiring work. :P
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This is one of the sweetest MLP images I've ever seen! I really really love this, the textures, composition, and colors, and her expression is priceless and sweet.

Critique-wise I can't add much except for maybe three things: The small bubble in her hair at the top is visually distracting (in this MLP context): At first glance it's almost like a unicorn horn, made worse (to my eye) by the line of flow of her ear and hair - it sort of forms a triangle with the bubble as an apex.

Also, I understand what you did with the space on the left, but to my eye it's too much negative space that really tries to pull my eyes away from Derpy.

And maybe, maybe... just the tiniest shade darker for her eyes, though I think I understand why you might have chosen the warmth you gave them.

Other than that, I have nothing but praise for this image. You really convey a lot of affection for Derpy in this. Very nicely done!
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damn this is awesome, I love it. :iconderpylaplz:
My only critique: Too small to be my wallpaper. :(

I need this somewhere. Gotta have it. Anyone know any good ideas where to place this?
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Smartphone wallpaper :p
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I am horrible at critiques. All I know is that this is going on my desktop.
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daaaaaaaaaaaaam maaaaaaaaaaaaaan looks so dam epic xD
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I know I already commented on this, but I forgot to say that you should make more like this! I love the style you used. Especially the eyes! :D pretty peas? :3
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