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Coming Home

Just a painting of Applejack.

Maybe it's just me, or maybe a phase other artists might have gone through, but I feel that I'm never content with the painting I'm doing nowadays. My lighting seems to be very chaotic in my recent work, sense of scale is off and the paint stroke is just messy. Something is missing, and I'm still trying to figure out what and why. 
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Great title, sparks the imagination. Great colours and details on the flowers in the field, lovely pic.
Chocolate-Bouchon's avatar
I've been living in that 'phase' for most of my life, I hate my art P:
geekyaddict's avatar
Don't worry about it. They say one's harshest critic is oneself.
ALDOELI's avatar
Relax Daggy boy, painting shows whats got into you, and is a paceful and beautyful landscape, almost scenery porn!
DrawerProYeah's avatar
I just found you and you do colors well make more please yes.
MaskedMenace833's avatar
Perfect title. Lovely picture =)
CandyCookieable's avatar
The sense of FREEDOM...
ninated's avatar
I love the colors, and the way you paint is just gorgeous! What brushes do you use, if I may ask? :)
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Started with just defaults. But then I used Tyler Edlin's brushset over at his online tutorial for detailing. 
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thanks a lot! :-)
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It's not just you, I feel like that sometimes as well. It's an odd feeling because I know that my work has greatly improved over the years, but I also know that it can improve even more, so with each drawing I learn something new. Or something like that, I guess it's kinda hard to explain, but I know how ya feel ^^;

Btw; you're work looks great, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. :)
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It's strange, isn't it? I know I have improved if I look back at my work, yet I hardly find the improvement to be satisfying. 
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yay applefields ^^ ....
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The wide open, beautiful landscape and hill in this background give this painting such a warm feeling, on top of Applejack's bright smiling face. Plus, playing the song "I'm coming home" in the back of your head also makes you want to cry while looking at it.

10/10, Beautifully drawn. I love it.
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When you say "I'm coming home" I was thinking of this song. haha…
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Did you flip the image horizontally? Hmm, odd thing I noticed about landscape layout is people tend to place people or nearby objects to the right while the scenery and background opens up to the left.
aJVL's avatar
From the original, yea. Maybe there's a certain psychological effect that makes us put it that way. I don't know, haha. 
EverlastingJoy's avatar
Happy AJ :).

I say the lighting on this is very nice. You know where the source is and you used it wonderfully.
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I feel it should have more depth. The field itself looks very flat in terms of perspective. 
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Such great art :3
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You maybe say this looks messy to you but I really like the outcome. It looks very nice and your painterly style is just great and original in my opinion.
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