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Celestia and Luna Wallpaper Edition

So... here's the wallpaper version I promised.
It's not really that well done, because all I did was simple put 2 pictures and then added some texture in the middle to make the gradient between those 2 colours blend smoother. I'm pretty sure there are people who did a better job already, but I digress. ><

Anyhow, hope you like it!
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I think it looks nice.
luna-love-the-night's avatar
I loved
stood perfect
and the mane of luna and celestia stood more inda
LenerdTheFox's avatar
Wow..... Double wow!!
kirbykirby56's avatar
Too Good.
: P
Too good.
Tristan525's avatar
I love Luna's hair!
Sonic5421's avatar
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I need this as a print ;-;
Santzii's avatar
I love it so much ! ;o Luna is so beautiful in this picture !<3
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I really like Luna's mane !
Benno123's avatar
dude, does EqD know of you, if not they are missing out.
Fly-by-Night-Lyds's avatar
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dat luna pony smile :D ......
Rainbow-Wolf-Tails's avatar

Do you mind if I use this as my Desktop Background? :3
aJVL's avatar
It IS made for you guys to use :D
Rainbow-Wolf-Tails's avatar

Of course xD I'm using it right now ~
Wow. Very nice job. New favorite. It looks bucking awsome.
DarkestDragonKing's avatar
i still think it looks great!
aJVL's avatar
Haha.. yea. But could be better with the colours.
DarkestDragonKing's avatar
im not sure, its too good
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