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By The Field

I think I overdid my color a little bit. Gotta rethink my color approach next time and I hope I didn't go too overboard with the highlights. 
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Really wonderful... :love: :love: :love:
Aethon056's avatar
Beautiful. I wish I had skill like you.
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I noticed that the hues seem to advance through the entire spectrum, starting with red at the bottom and ending with a purplish blue towards the top. I'm just curious if this was intentional? I really like this piece, BTW. I get this really vivid sense of AJ's environment.
LivonBrony's avatar
Oh, AJ really looks cute here and the wonderful sight ond the lang gives it another great touch
Kyoshyu's avatar
Very simple, very lovely. :)
DanDrazen's avatar
It's official: Applejack is outstanding in her field.
aJVL's avatar
Hah! I understood that reference. 
iamli3's avatar
gosh these are all so pretty , too bad our world can't be this pretty anymore v_v .....
aJVL's avatar
I'm sure there's natural places that's hugely untouched by human activity. 
iamli3's avatar
there's no such thing , the contamination from the global geoengineering efforts is global and total , and then there's the matter where it's going to kill all life on this planet in less than 20 years......
aJVL's avatar
Thank ya kindly!
temporos's avatar
I don't think you overdid the colour at all. I like it.
sErgEantaEgis's avatar
Do you have some of your art in 1920x1080? I'd love it as a desktop. 
Gromf007's avatar
Nah dude, it's beautiful. Maybe just the cloud could be a bit more diverse, that one big highlight draws so much attention one might overlook little AJ standing in the middle =P (Razz)
In case you love the smell of nitpicking.
aJVL's avatar
Nah nah, its fine. Every critic helps a long way. 
Thanks! I will improve on it. 
Gromf007's avatar
Don't take me too seriously, I'm an amateur. I just try to bring in something constructive, not just "lol u rock" kind of thing =P (Razz)
Docta-Amazin's avatar
i don't understand where you over did it with colour. looks beautiful to me c:
aJVL's avatar
Really? What about the yellow? Is it a bit jarring? 
Docta-Amazin's avatar
all i see is sun-blessed yellow grass stuff that farmers grow.
aJVL's avatar
Glad that you like it!
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