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BC (Before Canterlot)

~ Equestria, Chapter 1, Verse 3
And Celestia said, Let there be Canterlot: and there was Canterlot.

Not really fond of this colour combination. The orange and purple seems to be dominating each other.
Anyway, I came out with other two rejected thumbnails before selecting this one. Still working on the lighting and brush techniques. I have a looooooooong way to go.
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JDavidBrony's avatar
Just one word..."Epic!"
CrowleysPyramid's avatar
:iconemperorkuzcoplz: Y'know what would look perfect there? A WATERSLIDE!
Arcolm's avatar
Well done on this one. Backgrounds are just amazing as alwase.
iamli3's avatar
before canterlot , clever lol....
BlackGryph0n's avatar
This is BEAUTIFUL!! I'd absolutely LOVE to go there pre-canterlot era! (Heck, I'd love to go Post Canterlot era too. :P )
PonyEveningStar's avatar
Very surreal. I love it, and I think it's a great idea which you've portrayed fantastically.
Synchel's avatar
I like how the other rock spires fade into the background.
cat-in-the-web's avatar
am i the only one who thinks she kinda looks like rarity? XDDD
blossombrave8's avatar
No, she kinda looks like Rarity. XD XD
PrettyPurringFox's avatar
Before Canterlot, there was no grass... and then Celestia said there needed to be grass and there was grass! =D LOVE This pic. =D
KopaLeo's avatar
Whoa, this is 144% cooler than the old Genesis. That rock reminds me of Pride Rock in The Lion King.
BTW, what did Luna say?
K4nK4n's avatar
Such a beautiful image. I also like your your usage of 'BC' = 'Before Canterlot'.
madrigles's avatar
So breathtaking!
mortalshinobi's avatar
incredible scenery here.
SwanLullaby's avatar
Awesome background!
BB-K's avatar
Lol, that verse, like Genesis. :)
Helsaabi's avatar
Beautiful! ^^
looks almost like pride rock
RainbowJake's avatar
It looks really cool :D great job
AdaWait's avatar
These are some fantastic colors used. The tones are especially spot on. I also love how Celestia looks younger than she is now
sevenofeleven's avatar
Why did you pick orange and purple?
Are you doing a triad?

Looks great so far.
Jeht-Maverick's avatar
I love being a brony.
Rebel-Mel's avatar
Actually, I think the purple/orange color scheme looks really nice. I think Celestia's candyfloss colors look a bit out of place in it though, and stick out. They look a bit too cool against the warmth of the background. But overall, this is very well done. :)
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