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Applejack - Rough

I feel that the more I paint, the worse it becomes. I need some serious help in hair and faces. I've been trying to push this for almost two weeks now and it isn't going anywhere, so I think I will just stop here and move on to the next painting. Don't think I did her enough justice. I'm gonna try to repaint her again. 
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So beautiful
Any other?
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I like this... How about Rarity, Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie?
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This is really well done! :D
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AJ reminds me of iCarly's Samantha Puckett in this picture
Yeah, quite crude. Looks nice though. Maybe your need to put her with darker background?
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I like this best of the humanized paintings I've seen from you (even though you don't seem too happy with it).  This one looks like it's settled nearer to realism and less cartoony / anime; it is very easy to imagine her as a real person.
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Still chanting silently for Pinkie Pie...
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She looks great. To me, that is. :)
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I think she looks amazing :)
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Eeee, you're doing great! Don't give up :) Just keep doing what you're doing and it'll soon get better :)
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it looks amazing:Big eyes:  i wish i was as talented as you!
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I can see why you might be upset about this, but it turned out great. Trust your hands.
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Still waiting for Pinkie! XD
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Rough for some, complete for me.
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That is really good art!
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She looks pretty good actually!
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I think you're too hard on yourself. I always think of AJ as the prettiest of the Mane 6 and she sure does look purdy here!
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