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After Game

Here's one more Sunset Shimmer!

I really do adore her new outfit. It looks so much, hmm... natural (or convincing?) than the previous clothing.
Edit: Thought I would change the locker's color to harmonize the overall palette a little bit more, and to make her hair 'pop' from the background. If you prefer the previous color scheme, you can get it from here After Game (ALT)
Edit 2: I take back what I said. Green locker is best locker. 
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I do love her outfit
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-happy sigh-

is there no finer character in MLP than Sunset Shimmer? I mean seriously, we can all agree that I'm still a great and awesome Sunset Shimmer Fan Boy no matter what! <3

and yes indeed! out of all of the 3 main outfits Sunset Shimmer has worn in the EG Series, her 2nd outfit will always, and in everyone else's opinion, be the best main outfit for Sunset Shimmer <3
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I really love your style! I mean, it is sooooo good! :D :heart:-Kay
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Your style is so nice! You do such great lighting and your colors are consistently amazing. I really like this piece in particular; it's one my favorite pictures of Sunset (along with some others by you).
Wow. I totally love it!
and Sunset Shimmer is my new MLP fav character yey!
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KimPossible Shimmer?
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I'm texting her ^^
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Nice! Looks lovely! :D :D :D
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That's seriously awesome!
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You have a very specific and coll style! I like it :)
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Dear Sunset Shimmer, this is twilight. I haven't written back in the book I gave you because I use phones now like you guys in the real world. you twit. Yur Princess Sparkles.

Oh course this means alternate facial expressions that are not shown here.
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You seem to be getting the hang of this really fast, or maybe it's just that I missed the gaps between your updates this summer? My bad ^^;
Anyways, still looks great, and I'm glad to see you so invested in your new stylization! ;P
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Thank you so much for the kind words! Don't worry about it, I didn't really post that much too. 

Actually, I do am getting more used to the process when doing this, but I think it still need some tweaks. Choosing the right color and proper form shading are a few of those I hope to get it right. 
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You're welcome! You'll be great, trust me!
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I loved her outfit in the new movie too, plus I'm becoming more of a fan of hers.
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so nice and cute
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I like this style!
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Oh, boy. It´s been a while since I´ve encountered one of these pieces which actually move me emotionally on a personal level.
The situation you´ve put her into, walking out of school in the afternoon, free from responsibilities for the rest of the day and looking forward to meeting her friends is something I can completely identify with. Except she´s going to see her friends and I´m going to comment art on DA. But the feeling is the same :dummy:

In this picture everything plays a part in order to induce that sentiment; she setting, Sunset´s expression, and the lighting, by God, the lighting. I freaking love sunsets (not the pony/human, the time of the day) and in this particular situation of leaving school I associate it with a feeling of freedom.
In any case, I love this picture. Well done.
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I would love to see a Mane-7 pic someday.
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Once I'm more content with the process, I will try one. 
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