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A Moment in the Sun

Testing a new style. I actually find this really fun to do. It helps me to simplify my way of thinking about color and values, and I'm hoping this can translate when I paint.
Initially, I was aiming for something concept-ish, but I decided to just remove the line art altogether. Think I accidentally a screenshot instead.

Oh, and if you haven't know, her outfit was based on the new released shorts. Go watch it if you haven't. It's really good. 

---Other MLP humanized work---
Twilight Sparkle - Sketch by aJVLSunset Shimmer - Sketch by aJVL
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more like this? maybe one for each girl and the crusaders?
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I love your new style! :la:
Don't get me wrong, the old style is still great, but this is a unique take on the character design more in the direction of cartoonism to realism, which I think is awesome! Hope to to see more as you impreove and perfect your new stylization choice :eager:
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All I can say is that I want more—NOW!
MaskedMenace833's avatar
I like her new jacket

...that is all.
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hey where are the shorts?  I tried youtube but they're just from Rainbow Rocks.
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Wow, this is great! Your art looks really good without lineart~
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I see this and think of the new game Life Is Strange. Looks good.
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"How well can you move in the frozen time?!"
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That was a gorgeous game! I'm playing it too. 
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Her hand and face look... terrible. I like the design and lighting, but the human features just seem off.
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Yea.. still getting the hang of human anatomy. 
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Long time since you posted this, but I actually disagree with the above. Her face here is adorable in a stylistic sort of way, in my opinion.
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But you did so well with those paintings of Sunset, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Twilight.
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The lighting and colors look great here! I also love the composition and depth-of-field blurs. :)
GraphiteHeart-Pony's avatar
this was a cool video. love your design
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this is just fantastic! NICE WORK!
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You know I feel bad for how she was treated in the second movie. But hey she did get a great reward in the end. Good job on this picture.
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Twilight is basically passing the torch to her in the second movie. 
Jonot's avatar
I can see that.
MudslingerArtist's avatar
Wonderful work ^_^
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