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Commission Board 2018 2 by Ajustice90Commission Board 2018 3 by Ajustice90

My Commissions now take both cash and points now.

Just note for anyone who uses point commissions pay attention to the minimums and the Additional Character, Avatar Pose, and Comic Panel options on my commissions widget. Like if you want a commission with 4 characters you use the Multiple Character Commission use and the Additional Character Option twice.

Things I will not do: Gore, sexualizing children, MILF, incest, strange fetishes (Feet, toilet sitting, farts, etc.), Rape, Male on Male, and shows I hate like Family Guy and Total Drama.

You can contact me through Notes on DeviantArt or DMs on Twitter.
So one method of supporting artists is through sending them money through Ko-fi. Would anyone do that for me? Don't need to pay for a commission or pledge monthly on Patreon. Just wanna know if my followers support me through this if they want do.
I'm live…

Trixie puts on a unique performance for the audience. Full image and Alts available on Patreon for anyone who pledges $5 or more.

Up for anyone who pledges $5 and higher and there is more to come.… Teepublics having a sale for about 2 days so my merch is cheaper.
Come on over if your interested
Some of my work seen here is available to buy on TeePublic… Gonna update which ones are on TeePublic
I just made a Teepublic store… Check it out if you're interested. I've got stuff inspired by Digimon, Shantae, Smash Bros, Pokemon, and Equestria Girls.
So few months ago I posted a piece of a Kingdom Hearts character I adopted
KH Character - Summer by Ajustice90
The name I gave her was Nora and yesterday morning while eating pancakes I thought of a scene from RWBY and it hit me why the "Nora" came to me when coming up with her name

Image result for nora rwby

This and the fact the main character of Kingdom Hearts is named Sora I decided to change her name. As of now my girl is named Summer.
For normal commissions I they are now $10 for one character. I did this because I saw a tweet encouraging artists not let they shouldn't let their commission prices be lower than their pay rate.

For the record all my other prices remain the same including any additional characters to a commission is $5 each.
Gonna go live in about 20 minutes
If you have question you can ask them here.

Going live in 20 minutes…
So real talk renovations at my job are cutting into my hours, this week I'm not even making 20 hours this week and I have bills to pay. My dad is making a compromise for now this upcoming month. Until further notice I am opening up emergency commissions $5 for a hand drawn sketches. If you have any spare cash it'd much appreciated. If you're interested note me. I also still have my regular commissions and these $5 commissions have the same rules for things I will not do.

(Update) Wanna make some other things clear, the $5 sketch commissions are one character per commission, you can commission me more than once if multiples
 in one go.

(Update 2) Alright, so renovations are finishing up and I' be going back to a normal work schedule and will start making money again.

Commission Info (Updated) by Ajustice90
So right my job's not at a good spot. They're doing renovations to the place inside and out and it seems to affecting labor I was sent home pretty early this weekend and my paycheck next week is gonna be small. So I wanna get some commissions to help earn the cash I didn't make. Here's also my new Etsy store featuring prints of these  Performing Fluttershy (Merch Available) by Ajustice90  Shinegreymon BM Print (Merch Available) by Ajustice90…