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This is the pokémon Sableye, drawn in a realistic style for *BlueGhosty 's PokéChallenge [link] :)

Sableye © Nintendo, Pokémon Company, etc.
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Fuck yeah let's make this intentionally creepy pokemon even more creepy than it already is, I'm tired of people trying to make it cute
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This looks awesome <3 Thanks for sharing :)
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Sableye HAVE FUR! and where are those claws? Looks like E.T.
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I really love realistic pokemon, and this one is absolutely fantastic.
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You're welcome.
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First thing that popped into my mind when I saw this was Thriller xD
Awesome work!
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im scanning through sableye pictures
and i see this, i think to myself

this is the best picture ive seen
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It's like I'm seeing him drawn in a French cartoon.
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Dud, this is exactly how Sableye should look.
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lmfao thats so funny.
brilliant too XD
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it looks so real O.O .......................
OMG now i think that the real pokemon exist XD
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Thank you. ^^
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Super epic awesome great cool! *QQQQ*
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haha thank you!
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Prrreciousss... :3

Great work!
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I gotta say, I really love how you've done this Sableye. IT has a very alien look to it, while still keeping its mischievous qualities as a pokemon. Great detail and great job :D
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Thank you thank you :)
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No prob, it was well deserved. :D You got my vote
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