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RVista 2

"Royale Vista 2" v1.0 for Winamp (Classic).

I put together this skin based on the Royale Vista 2 visual style by Dobee,
so here it is. :)
© 2007 - 2022 AJUST
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super skin mate ! clean and simple.

- Added to :+fav:
- Added to Extreme Design Studio
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Thank you :)
Could you change the direct link (to the ".wsz" file) to a link to the deviation page?
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There is already a link to this page :D but if you really want to put just tell me :D
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Please :)
A direct link just doesn't feel right.
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any chance that i could convince you to recode the playlist window so that the "load" button functions like the "list" button that some other skins use? its the only flaw ive found, but its killing me!!!
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no chance of that, lol
i can't code skins. :/
bullygil's avatar :D very very cool ;)
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i just randomly found this, very nice :D
Best thing since sliced bread. Thanks for a great skin!
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Thanks for the comment! :)
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Great skin!!
shepp86's avatar
Perfection! :+fav:
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Love it, simple, easy to read, and actually functional. Many skins just don't work for me, but this one does! Thanks! ;) - Web
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Wow, thanks. Dobee deserves most if not all the credit tho.
looks great. favourited.
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It's cool. I like Bista... Oh, I mean Vista. XD
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