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Ajust's Glass Folders

Ajust's Glass Folders Readme:

Included in zip:
PNG Folder (15 x , 256 by 256 pixel, PNG images based on the windows vista virtual folders.)*

*Drawn from scratch!

Free for private use.
Not for commercial use.
Please don't redistribute these png files as your own.

Ajust XD


Here's the constructor set (PSD file): [link]

[EDIT 20090316]
Sheesh I can't believe how many views & downloads this set has gotten!
I'm glad you guys are liking it :)
© 2007 - 2021 AJUST
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Why the fuck do you want colored folders if they're going to be empty? It's the full folder icons that should have been made!
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Can you give the constructor set of all variations please? Thanks. Actually can you release them without the shadows too? I want to mimic the vista style as close as I can.
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) Select browse and navigate to whatever location you stored the icons in.
6) Double-click the desired icon, then click apply.
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pretty curious about 'not for commercial use', does commission count as commercial too? OvO) Just asking tho X"D
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If you're making money with it, that's commercial use.
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Oh ok then :D thank you for replying :D
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I disagree, Ajust ... when you create something beautiful, timeless and useful, it never becomes out of fashion.

Furthermore, when your design is also both elegant and simple (as these folders are), it can be applied to many more things and enjoyed consistently.

So, keep designing and bringing joy to many of us out here!

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dl'ed <3 I love it thank you

How can install it?


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well you can convert the png's to icons here:
^-^ then you have an icon. save it to were ever and then put it on a folder.
(if you need help with that just ask ^-^)
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great job! and thank you
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how to download?? how? how? how?
how do you download this?
you should click on download file or here [link]
very great work
awesome work, thanks man
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