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Discussion 3
Discussion #3
Jake: Creator! Get Maria away from me!!!!!!!!!
Creator: But it’s funny how she runs after you…. . _ .
Jake: Get her AWAY from me! D :<
Creator: Okay, okay….. *starts writing* Maria finally makes her mind to leave Jake alone but secretly looks adoringly from afar. Then, Elise and Jake finally go out to the movies with friends and that’s when Jake and Elise start talking normally. :D
Jake: *reads what Creator wrote* Well, I like it, but what will Elise think of it? O_o
Creator: She won’t read it. *laughs evilly* Mwahahahaha! >:D
Jake: *shrugs* Okay, fine, I’m okay with it. 
*Maria walks in*
Maria: Oh, hey Jake.
Jake: Hey?
Maria:  Yeah, hey Creator! Elise wants a puppy!
Creator: Ugh! Fine! I’ll give her a puppy! *Creator writes that a puppy follows her home and she keeps it. His name is Bubbles*
*Elise walks in*
Elise: Hey guys! Guess what? I got a PUPPY! He followed me home and I called him Bubbles! ^ - ^
Creator: I wonder
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     Darkness over come and my breath became short and raspy.
     I saw a strange glow and I so wasn’t prepared for what happened next.
     Alex came into view, a faint glow radiating off his skin. He grinned and revealed white, pointed teeth.
     He inched towards me silently.
     I stood there, paralyzed from shock.
     His grin widened with each step he took, getting closer.
     In my mind I screamed, begged, ordered me to run, but there was nowhere to hide. No place safe.
     My knees buckled under me and I sank to the cold floor. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes, shaking viciously.
     Something cold brushed my arm and I opened my eyes.
     I saw him bending over, teeth bared, a
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Discussion 2
Discussion #2
Creator:  I h a t e Jake! He’s so mean!
Jake: I’m right here you know…..
Creator: I don’t care! You’re mean!
Jake: What did I do?!
Creator: Good question……
Jake: 0__0
Nina: Hi!
Jake: Stop popping up at random times!
Creator: Yeah!
Jake: Exactly!
Nina: But I like popping up at random times! 
Creator: Me too!
Jake: But you just said that you don’t want her to pop up at random times….. - . -
Creator: Liar!  You see! You are mean! *pouts*
Jake: Fine! I’ll prove it to you! *takes out tape recorder*
*tape starts playing*
Recorded Creator:  I h a t e Jake! He’s so mean!
Recorded Jake: I’m right here you know……
Recorded Creator: I don’t care! You’re mean!
Recorded Jake: What did I do?!
Recorded Creator: Good question……
Recorded Jake: 0__0
Recorded Nina: Hi!
Recorded Jake: Stop popping up at random times!
Recorded Creator: Yeah!
*Jake stops recorder*
Creator: O
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Discussion 1
Discussion #1
Creator: Hi! *giggles*
*Elise walks in to find her creator laughing*
Elise:  - . - What are you doing?
Nina: Hi!
Elise: Where did you come from?!
Nina: Magic…… x.x
Creator: People! Ugh! There are people watching! *bows*
Nina: Ah! I always wanted to be on T.V. *clears throat* O break my heart, poor bankrout break at once,
To prison eyes, ne’er look on liberty.
Vile earth to earth resign, end motion here,
And thou and Romeo press one heavy bier. *bows*
*audience applauds*
Nina: They love me! They really love me! ^ - ^
*Maria walks in*
Maria: *gasps* Nobody told me people were coming! I have to get my makeup done, and brush my hair, and….. and….. *gasps again* I didn’t brush my teeth! - . - Toothbrush! Attack!
*toothbrush suddenly appears and starts brushing Marias teeth*
Nina: I told you! Magic…… *waves hands dramatically*
Elise: ……… 0_0
Creator: Um….. Ooookaaay……. I’m gonna add a new chara
:iconajuse:ajuse 1 8
The End
       After a long dull day, I went to email my friend in Brazil to ask her if her summer was better than my being-forced-to-the-beach one.   
      I realized after, about an hour, that my mom was taking too long in her room, taking the fact the she barely stays there for ten minutes.
     I walked to her room through the halls, yawning loudly on the way.
     I walked in, about to ask what she was doing there so long, when I saw her face. She looked way too nervous and I knew she had bad news to tell.     
    She was on the phone with my piano teacher, talking in fast, low whispers.
    She handed me the phone and my piano teacher told me that my guinea pig, Cookie, was     .
    At first I thought it was some
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i have awesome hair by ajuse i have awesome hair :iconajuse:ajuse 1 34 look at ME... :P by ajuse look at ME... :P :iconajuse:ajuse 0 14 unsmiley by ajuse unsmiley :iconajuse:ajuse 0 8 stupid siblings...... by ajuse stupid siblings...... :iconajuse:ajuse 2 13 the pose by ajuse the pose :iconajuse:ajuse 1 12 smiley 3 by ajuse smiley 3 :iconajuse:ajuse 0 2 get away from me.... by ajuse get away from me.... :iconajuse:ajuse 0 47 bussiness like devil by ajuse bussiness like devil :iconajuse:ajuse 0 41 i want my hug by ajuse i want my hug :iconajuse:ajuse 9 70 what a small world this is by ajuse what a small world this is :iconajuse:ajuse 3 34 king of chess :D by ajuse king of chess :D :iconajuse:ajuse 1 62

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is watching you..... X.X
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hm, well Ajuse gave me her account because I'm her bestest friend eveeeeeer.
she created a new one,I'm not sure if she wants me to give it out though so i'll have t check with her.
I'm not sure what to do with this account now...

This is my primary account, if anyone cares: :iconsanasstage:
I doubt you do XD

so yes :3


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