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I am OPEN for some new commissions again until further notice!

Send me email for any requests, no DeviantArt notes please:

COMMISSION: Majingojira 2 by AJthe90skidCOMMISSION: Threads of Tyrus 3 by AJthe90skidCOMMISSION: Future Foundation by AJthe90skidCOMMISSION: The Avengers by AJthe90skidCOMMISSION: The Blaquesmith 2 (colored) by AJthe90skidembedded_item1533593505277 by AJthe90skid

For now. Anybody who's already arranged to hire me or I'm currently drawing for is still on schedule of course and we'll finish them together, but at the moment I don't have time to take any new ones on. If you do want to hire me still feel free to send me messages and I'll add you to the list when I get the current ones finished. Thanks!

$80 PER PAGE (+$20 w/ colors & lettering)
VENMO: ajthe90skid
SKYPE: ajthe90skid


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In the past I always would email people all these things, but then I thought, why not just make a video about for everyone I'm working with/will work with in the future and save us both time?

Plus I got some new art vids for you as always:

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BEST YEAR YET FOR ME! HERE'S THE REASONS WHY, IN THIS VIDEO I THANK YOU AND EVERYONE WHO MADE IT SO GREAT. ENJOY YOUR CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! I've been using the name AJthe90skid on 90% of all my sites for the past 3 years, and only using Lightning-Powered on Deviantart. Until today. R.I.P. LP, it's been a good 10 years but it didn't make sense to hold on to 3 names online for just one site that most people don't even use anymore (even though i still do). it was hurting my visibility and becoming inconvenient. 2018 is all about streamlining.

Tumblr/IG/Skype/FB/Snap is ajthe90skid.
My art channel on Youtube is AaronJohnsonART. Follow me. :)

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Lightning-Powered // Godson (AJthe90skid) • Instagram photos and videos
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THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HAS TRIED TO HIRE ME! A lot of you didn't know how or what my rates were, so I decided to make this infographic to make everyone's life easier:


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What a month! First off again I'd like to thank all of you who read my last journal and either commissioned me, shared the story or shared their own stories. Thanks to you all, not only have I been able to begin getting back on my feet but together, we've been a major key in building a case that will be able to protect artists online hopefully for years to come. Leading this investigation is kaaintraining and Ragnarok222 and spiderweber (whom actually helped me clear my name when the scammer tried to impersonate me on a chatroom.)

By the way, the scammer IS BACK and is still using the AmyPorter23 account, and several others, and has been antagonizing me almost daily for the past 2 weeks. They're even ballsy enough to ask if they can put my art in their group TODAY!

Screenshot 2017-09-25 13.47.00 by AJthe90skid

YOU MUST read Ragnarok222 's journal and see how we've created a timeline of all the times other people including me had been scammed by the same "person" I was. In it, you can see a complete psychological profile and the patterns of this scammer:  The Truth Will Set You Free (Update 3)3/20/2018
I have been made aware of a possible tool for people who have been scammed by Jools to report him to the UK authorities and I would urge anyone who he's exploited to do so.
You know, it's almost as if they don't remember many people calling them out for not being who they say they are AND having made this "Grand Revelation" before in the past. Don't worry Jools, I made sure to save it for you this time! No one will ever forget it again. I'll make sure of it.
But I have to say I'm disappointed. Did you think I wouldn't check the Facebook page you're trying to frame first? That I wouldn't see the glaring lack of your purple prose? Your writing is like a finger print you can see in about a paragraph and I could see two he'd posted. When I first saw the link my first thought was "Well, I suppose they're more than arrogant enough to do that, but no one's stupid enough

The effort these two phenomenal members have spent exposing and tracking down this scammer over the years is superhuman and I'm so thankful for their vigilance. It's also about justice of course because just like me they were also scammed. If you haven't already read my story do it here: SCAMMED. (update)Hey everybody.
Today I want to share with you all of my experience with a somewhat “famous” Deviantart member, whom I spent 2 months working for, during which I WAS scammed and unpaid for 90% of my work – as I'm typing this she's blocked me from any type of contact, ignored my invoices, hidden MY OWN ART from MY viewing in her gallery and even went so far as to deactivate her own EMAIL account and “hire” a replacement artist – with the money she owed me. All $1100 of it. I'm posting this now because she has given me no other recourse and after 2 months, it's obvious that never had the intention of paying me in the first place. For the poor artist(s) she's already begun to leech off of and to anyone who can read this, heed my warnings. She views artists, and people in general, as disposable. She has NO respect for anyone. However, has she scammed EVERYONE she's ever hired? Probab

Another artist named jazz316 had the same thing happen to him: Avoid this Person!!!Hello Everyone! I come to you all to deliver a warning to block this person, Stay away from her, and be sure to never EVER take any commissions with her This person here ":iconthe-snake-whisperer:
Over the years since shortly after I first joined up on DA she was one of the first to come across. I instantly took a great liking to her stories. I followed her and supported her for years. There were times when she hit low in life and considered leaving DA. But I rallied to support her and have her know she had friends who had her back and she considered staying on.
But over time I realized that was such a mistake. She was always very rude to me and a lot of other people who I consider very good friends on here. Some of you may know who you are. She would always criticize my writing telling me its no good, unoriginal and plain bad and how I needed to work on my 'English' and I know for a fact im not a grand novelist but when I first started writing of course it was bad and I do admit

Notice not only how many people were involved (it's over 120 comments now) but how the scammer themselves was constantly attempting to slander me and other people in the thread despite all the evidence against him!

And yes I said "him".... If you at any point of reading this story suspected Amy was actually a guy, here's the twist:

AMY MORLEY IS A REAL PERSON - AND SHE IS A VICTIM TOO. SHE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PERSON WHO SCAMMED ME. THE REAL AMY ISN'T EVEN A WRITER IN REAL LIFE. The person we've all had the misfortune of dealing with is a dangerous man named JULES. The backstory behind Jules/Jools/The-Snake-Whisperer/Vera/Betty/Sapphire-Viper-whatever-name-he's using this week reads like a comicbook supervillain so it's no wonder he's so good at writing about them.

Untitled Drawing By Ragnarok222-dbnto9e.png by AJthe90skidScreenshot 2017-09-23 13.26.47 by AJthe90skid
Screenshot 2017-09-25 13.42.47 by AJthe90skid

Basically Jules became obsessed with the REAL AMY MORLEY and decided to spend the past 5+ years impersonating her online while furthering his career as a wannabe novelist. I guess she turned him down at the prom, lmao. He has stolen her pictures from social media and used them to mislead people into thinking they're talking to her, and some random other people to create her "family" and friends. (They might not be so random now that I think about it. PS: in the first screenshot, he's using MY art as his avatar!) 

He's a great writer I must admit and a genius... but he's criminally insane. As you already know, he has employed hundreds of artists and writers over the years and you could hire him to write a story for you. He's been banned and exposed several times before but each time he and his fans would change the narrative, hide evidence and blackmail people into silence which is why before he scammed me, it was impossible to find any negative info about him...
but since then Jules has been on a roll. He's broken character and revealed himself, He even invited me to his discord chatroom!

Screenshot 2017-09-23 13.26.54 by AJthe90skid

I still don't believe he's working alone, even if he's the mastermind behind all of this. I refuse to believe one man could be online 24 hours a day and pull off everything he does by himself. Still...

Screenshot 2017-09-25 14.06.05 by AJthe90skid

Jules has a distinct way of speaking and typing that give him away instantly and it doesn't help that he uses the same tired names over and over again. He's got plenty more, but recently we've found him using these multiple accounts to hide his identity, but I'm sure he'll make more after seeing this. He uses them all to confuse you, hide evidence and make you doubt yourself before disabling and reactivating his accounts again, aka Gaslighting 101. For example, this recent message he sent me. This asshole even gave me "advice" at the end of his message:

Screenshot 2017-09-25 14.01.01 by AJthe90skid

Which Ragnarok exposed for me. At this time Jules was acting as himself, spying on us, and acting as his own estranged friend with different accounts to give an "insider" story about his character of Amy. If it wasn't so tragic it would be hilarious!

Screenshot 2017-09-25 13.41.41 by AJthe90skidScreenshot 2017-09-25 14.11.26 by AJthe90skid

Jules and his fake accounts all have the same things in common: his fetishes, his passion for shark and environmental conservation and his field in Marine Biology which he loves to brag about.
As of now his fanfiction page is still up and he's reactivated his Snake-Whisperer account (no longer retired! Ain't that a bitch?) knowing him he'll probably read this too because he loves attention. I have no doubt he's capable of committing criminal behavior in real life if he hasn't already.

Oh by the way, if you're reading this Jules? Leave me alone. Permanently.

To everyone else reading this, be careful. Share this follow up journal. Trust your instincts. Make sure you always receive a 50% deposit on any work you get, only accept money as a service/business for your work via PayPal, and make sure you do a little research into whoever you're about to work for. If you ever feel uncomfortable about anything at any point of your relationship, speak up or leave the situation.

Again thank you everyone for your support and shoutout to kaaintraining and Ragnarok222  for their excellent detective work! 

Don't let the bastards like Jules get you down! Keep making the best art you can!

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Hey everybody.

Today I want to share with you all of my experience with a somewhat “famous” Deviantart member, whom I spent 2 months working for, during which I WAS scammed and unpaid for 90% of my work – as I'm typing this she's blocked me from any type of contact, ignored my invoices, hidden MY OWN ART from MY viewing in her gallery and even went so far as to deactivate her own EMAIL account and “hire” a replacement artist – with the money she owed me. All $1100 of it. I'm posting this now because she has given me no other recourse and after 2 months, it's obvious that never had the intention of paying me in the first place. For the poor artist(s) she's already begun to leech off of and to anyone who can read this, heed my warnings. She views artists, and people in general, as disposable. She has NO respect for anyone. However, has she scammed EVERYONE she's ever hired? Probably NOT.

Screenshot 2017-07-19 21.18.19 by AJthe90skid

But after being warned by several people including other artists who claimed they had been taken advantage of by her, instead of leaving the second I felt something was wrong, I decided that in order to protect myself, I would begin taking screenshots of every interaction I had with her and continue to work hard. If she was telling the truth, I'd be fine. If not, I would count on her arrogance to cause her to not only confess she was lying the whole time, but end the whole thing completely in a way where she couldn't twist it around to make it look like I “stole her money and ran off”, like she had ALREADY done to other artists in the past she fell out with.

TL;DR: She paid me in the beginning for 2 pictures out of around 11. Gained my trust.

Promised a date when she'd pay in full.

Never paid.

Blocked me from even contacting her.

Screenshot 2017-07-25 20.00.55 by AJthe90skid

What's important here is that unlike the stereotypical scammer, she has a following as a prolific fan fiction writer on Deviantart and her page and a die hard community of fans that she interacts with all day, everyday, on her Discord chatroom. (Oh look! She's still using my art for her avatar.) At this moment her Deviantart page has around half a million views and in just less than 3 years this is an outstanding feat for a WRITER as writers are typically under the radar on a visual site. She uses her full name and real picture. At the beginning everything was great. She was fun to work for. She technically DID pay me in the beginning via Paypal for my downpayment and she provided it... after 2 “style tests” to see if I would be able to match the reference artist's style. Basic protocol stuff. However, this full payment, and one incomplete payment in late August for only $20 would be the ONLY times she would pay me our entire 2 months. I charge $100 as my regular rates for pinups. There were other “sketches”, but I wasn't charging her for that since I don't typically charge people for sketches.
Screenshot 2017-09-11 08.36.47 by AJthe90skid
Screenshot 2017-07-19 21.19.28 by AJthe90skid
Screenshot 2017-07-19 21.18.10 by AJthe90skid

Screenshot 2017-07-19 21.17.57 by AJthe90skid
Screenshot 2017-07-19 21.18.04 by AJthe90skid

After the 1st payment, she continued to demand more art, and became very controlling over my schedule especially concerning livestreaming. Whenever I asked her when she'd pay me next, she'd give me date but then some tragedy, inconvenience or “mistake” would ALWAYS prevent her from doing it immediately on that date. The stories became more dramatic and inconsistent, her energy changed to become less friendly, more passive-agressive. She became emotionally and verbally abusive if I couldn't make art on a certain day, any concerns I made to her accepted at first, but ignored later as she gaslighted and guilt tripped me into grueling work hours for free art. Our daily conversations more than crossed the line of “professional” banter.
Screenshot 2017-09-12 18.17.44 by AJthe90skid

Screenshot 2017-07-25 20.05.11 by AJthe90skid

She suggested a “tab” system of payment, where she would continue to request (and receive) all the art she wanted and eventually, whenever she got paid, she'd pay me back for all the work I'd done at once at first; then she offered “trades” as a form of payment while she “waited” for the big money: art for stories.

She never gave me the stories I asked her to write either and I eventually stopped waiting for them because she would always flake out on streaming whenever I ASKED her to.

Screenshot 2017-07-25 19.59.39 by AJthe90skid

By the way, did I mention that the comic she initially hired me for never got STARTED? After I created the PAGE LAYOUTS for it she abandoned the story and started a “bait and switch” game and kept dangling more work in front of me with was no end in sight.

Screenshot 2017-07-25 19.59.50 by AJthe90skid
Screenshot 2017-07-25 20.00.10 by AJthe90skid
Screenshot 2017-09-11 08.36.47 by AJthe90skid

I kept knocking new sketches out and she kept promising me that by September 11th she would have the money for me. The ENTIRE TIME I WORKED FOR HER there was NEVER an indication on her part that she was unsatisfied with the quality of my art and certainly not the speed. On the week of the payment, she began to nitpick problems she's “always noticed” about my art. I tried to coerce an explanation out of her, but didn't get one.

Screenshot 2017-09-12 18.19.04 by AJthe90skid
Screenshot 2017-09-12 20.19.36 by AJthe90skid

On Payday (9/11), she had another new “accident” in which she forgot her PIN for her bank and had to get it reset because the bank was blocking her from withdrawing it. Said it would take them 5 business days. That story was hardly believable as is, and I was beyond it all at this point. The icing on the cake was when she and her sister mockingly asked me if was expecting to get paid that day, or at all, because “after all, the art was free” since I had created some gift art to apologize to her family 2 months ago due to a petty argument we had. I immediately had to double take, ask her what her real intentions were at this point, because she obviously wasn't going to pay me.

Screenshot 2017-09-12 18.18.42 by AJthe90skid

Screenshot 2017-09-12 18.18.34 by AJthe90skid

She returned to her tried and true protocol GASLIGHTING trick and got 2 more artworks from me before BLOCKING ME EVERYWHERE and changing her status on Deviantart to “RETIRED”.

Screenshot 2017-09-12 20.21.12 by AJthe90skid

There was no turning back from this point, no more innocence to feign. There was nothing else I could do but send her emails, asking for her to unblock me at the very least, and tell me when I should expect the payment she promised me endlessly.

Screenshot 2017-09-13 18.13.50 by AJthe90skid

I spent 2 days after that were spent with her sister acting as a puppet/mediator in private msgs. She gave me a bullshit story about how upset her sister was, and just had to get away from everything bothering her in her personal life to prepare for her dramatic return to university. I needled away until her sister she finally admitted to me that not only did they already had my money the whole time, they took themselves to Spain on a vacation and just paid ANOTHER ARTIST WITH THE MONEY I WORKED DAILY FOR 2 MONTHS TO EARN.

Screenshot 2017-09-13 19.57.23 by AJthe90skid
Screenshot 2017-09-13 19.57.32 by AJthe90skid
Screenshot 2017-09-13 19.57.29 by AJthe90skid
Screenshot 2017-09-12 18.11.31 by AJthe90skid

They were so arrogant they publicly posted a picture of themselves in their new vacation area via her chatroom. Just for the flair, they gloated over their victory before blocking me for a final time and deactivating their email address.

The moral of this story is:

If you freelance, it's not enough to only accept Paypal – MAKE SURE ANY PAYMENTS YOU GET FROM ANYONE FOR YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES are sent WITH THE BUSINESS/SERVICES OPTION. It's the ONLY way Paypal can insure your money and help you file disputes to recover your money. Yes, it's true that with very large payments, Paypal will take larger percentages of your profits, but it's 100% worth it plus it also protects your clients, so there's really no reason NOT to do it. I REPEAT, MAKE SURE YOUR CUSTOMERS DO NOT PAY YOU USING THE “FRIEND/FAMILY” OPTION because those payments CANNOT BE INSURED BY PAYPAL.

And finally, If you ever feel uncomfortable in any moment of your interaction with any client in the future even if it's just once: LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS. I may be empty handed now, but I'm wiser for it and fortunately for me, I at least have EVIDENCE. She and her sister are pathological liars. I have no doubts that any projects they try to create in the future will crumble under the weight of their enormous egos and here's why. I've more than had my share of weird and awful clients who tried to lowball me and generally waste my time.

But, Amy Erin Morley aka The-Snake-Whisperer tops them all.


She's just unblocked me on Deviantart. Funny that, eh? Also sent these 2 messages. Notice how different her behavior is in them, sent just hours apart. She's hidden her name on the emails to "No One" - an inside joke she used to play on me and her chatroom members. She would randomly ask us who were are in the middle of another conversation, and we were supposed to reply as "no one". It's another way of her training you to become emotionally dependent on her. I haven't even gone into details about HOW she does it, but when you read my responses and you asked yourself why I acted like that, you were seeing the mind of someone who had been slightly broken down to their core. But read these messages she just sent me today and see for yourself. The last email I sent her before she deactivated it was 9/12. I know it was deactivated because when I called Paypal's dispute department the staff themselves confirmed with me that she had deactivated it. Her email is

Screenshot 2017-09-16 10.55.44 by AJthe90skid

Hers, from today:

Screenshot 2017-09-16 10.55.04 by AJthe90skid
And on Deviantart:
Screenshot 2017-09-16 10.51.41 by AJthe90skid

I haven't made any attempt to contact her beyond the date of 9/12, so she's lying about that. And look? She's even made fake screenshots in a desperate attempt to paint me as a racist. She couldn't even bother to make it look authentic and look at the date on the posts. It all says "today". Cute. Remember, I had been blocked by 9/12 from everything so there's no way I could've sent her anything even if I wanted to. Don't worry, I have REAL screenshots about that too.


After killing her DA account, making harassing messages and fake screenshots she finally removed my pics from her page - I thought that was the end of it until she began using the Betty account to IMPERSONATE me and send vulgar texts throughout Discord chatrooms. Fortunately, a admin (who was also scammed by her!) stepped in to get all her account banned on Discord. I'd like to give a shoutout to spiderweber for finally ending the madness on that site. There's truly no level she wont stoop to to hurt me because I've wounded her ego. The stories you've all sent me, have been harrowing. How she was able to cheat so many in such a short time?

Screenshot 2017-09-16 12.32.46 by AJthe90skid Screenshot 2017-09-16 19.32.19 by AJthe90skid Screenshot 2017-09-16 23.18.29 by AJthe90skid Screenshot 2017-09-16 19.32.55 by AJthe90skid

PS: THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HAS TRIED TO HIRE ME! A lot of you didn't know how or what my rates were, so I decided to make this infographic to make everyone's life easier:

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Just posted another art video for this commission. Check it out and subscribe to my art channel for more videos:

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Watch me talk about stuff and thank people, including you :)

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Hey everybody, nickname's Lightning-Powered. Since this year started I've noticed a high volume of requests for COMIC PAGE art, so I'm opening up for that. NON-SEQUENTIAL ART COMMISSIONS START AT $100. COMIC PAGES START AT $60 PER PAGE + $20 with COLORS.

I'm always flexible with budgets so email me me if you have a certain number of pages, or books, you have in mind especially if you're working on an ONGOING series. Payments are done thru PAYPAL only. You can pay half now/half upon completion or the total beforehand, and once I receive any payment I start immediately!

PM me or EMAIL (for fastest response) at: MRROCKET@ROADRUNNER.COM
You can also contact me thru SKYPE: ajthe90skid

I've specialized in character design, pinups and sequential art professionally for over 8 years and have had my work published for RPG companies like Fantasy Flight Games, indie record labels, video games, webseries and more.
NSFW commissions are available as well as private commissions!

I look forward to working with you!




COMMISSION: Threads of Tyrus 4 by AJthe90skid COMMISSION: Archimages 4 by AJthe90skid LUMIYA by AJthe90skid Omegaaaaaah Destrooooooooyarrr by AJthe90skid

COMMISSION: 5 by AJthe90skid COMMISSION: 12 by AJthe90skid COMMISSION: 8 by AJthe90skid

Mature Content

DLoS #1 Page 7 by AJthe90skid
Star Wars #0 Cover (line art) by AJthe90skid


Star Wars Immolation #0 pg14 by AJthe90skid

Mature Content

DARK LADY OF THE SITH 1 by AJthe90skid Star Wars Immolation #0 pg18 by AJthe90skid Star Wars Immolation #0 pg12 by AJthe90skid DARK LADY OF THE SITH Promo w Jonas Scharf by AJthe90skid
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It's been a while since I've said anything about my Youtube channels, because it seems like I didn't get a lot of people interested in it the first time. But I'm bringing it up again not only because I've made more videos, but also created a new channel for showing you guys the collaborative works I've done with family, friends and business partners in the entertainment industry with a new documentary series called "Everything2Me". Watch us every month as we continue to bring you behind the scenes in that series and please SUBSCRIBE to that channel to show your support:

Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE TO my art channel for more art videos! I need more content there, so feel free to tell me what you'd like to see next:

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Hey everybody tonight I got a message from an artist who's in need of commissions. His page is TT19
Here's his original message:


I'll just be honest...I need to collect $500 today to pay my rent ! Which is why Im doing this Urgent commission right now .. Willing to do a full body sketch for $10, I need all the help I can get now..

I apologise for being too forward but I really really need pay up my rent by today.

If you know anyone that would like to have a sketch done..I would appreciate if you could refer them to me…My turnaround time would be anywhere from 1 to - 3 hours

This is My paypal ad -

Would appreciate if you could help by commissioning me ..Please help

Thank you...

He's a good artist especially at cartooning and landscapes, so send him some love. These pics are some of my favorites of his:

<da:thumb id="661683437"/><da:thumb id="660058775"/><da:thumb id="650990855"/><da:thumb id="622167487"/>
<da:thumb id="547870477"/><da:thumb id="661741587"/><da:thumb id="641905804"/>
<da:thumb id="671849898"/><da:thumb id="667436033"/><da:thumb id="667436086"/><da:thumb id="615325854"/>
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go wish Atlas0 a happy birthday today!

and follow him on all his social media :)

Rogue 2.0 by Atlas0
Spidercouple by Atlas0
The Exo Suit by Atlas0
Fractured Scary Tales #2 by Atlas0
COM: Lovers by Atlas0

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So much to update you guys on I can't even type lol

Here's some more drawing videos. Please SUBSCRIBE to my art channel! Lets get 1k SUBS in MARCH!

Need art? Note me or email (for fastest response):

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Thanks only to your continued support, I received THIS letter in the mail today from the staff: "Thank you for submitting your beat to Coast2Coast Instrumentals, we are pleased to tell you that your beat was one of the 5 songs chosen to be placed on Coast2Coast Instrumentals Vol. 93!"

THE COMPETITION WAS TOUGH! Only 4 other tracks were chosen with my song, Reflections! Thank you again for voting for me. In the meantime, we'll both have to wait for them to release that mixtape, and once they do you know I'll share the link with you for you all to enjoy.
#coast2coastmixtapes #winner #godson #reflections #thankful #blessed

I can't believe I've never drawn her before... being one of my all time favorite characters, movies, and actresses. Actually this was the reason I had a crush on Milla (probably still do haha) and the first time ever seeing her. Anyway! LEELOO DALLAS!




After some major technical difficulties on the behalf of the radio hosts that pushed the Episode 13th show back 4 hours late, we managed to get our song Waterbed featured with a last second freestyle from Tommy himself!

I know that most of you couldn't make it to the show when it was live but NOW, you can hear the entire archive of the show, hosted by Chelsey Sarah in Canada, and Co-hosted by O.G.A.D from Baltimore/Las Vegas, complete with the commentary and other amazing featured artists! I also managed to record some video of the show too, and I'll be uploading it to my Youtube channel ASAP.

Check their schedules for any upcoming shows and call in when they're online: 657-383-1409.

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