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Emrys the Barn Swallow and Coconut Annie MYO


Name: Emrys Kane the Royal Postman

Blessings: Barn Swallow and Coconut

Rarity: Uncommon

Age: 32

Birthday: Aug. 26

Projected Life Span: 205 years

Magical Container: Crystal staff that can manipulate itself into different forms more commonly a shield or a harp

Hometown: Ivy Outpost

Personality: Outgoing , Brave, Patient, Calm, Street smart

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi- Leans towards men

Myers Briggs Test: ISFP

Likes: Shiny things like watches, gems, particularly rubies and sapphires, gold ect. chocolate, classical music, singing.

Dislikes: Large animals, armor, cold nights

Song: Violet Evergarden Ending


    Emrys was born in Etolicia. His father was an Annie Postal Worker and his mother was a traveling craftsman who fell in love. The couple faced discrimination from the population and because of that were instrumental in moving the main postal facilities and long distance runners to Ivy. Before they moved to Ivy Outpost he was a unhappy child. The other children and even adults could be cruel. He grew up thinking he was worthless and undoubtedly human and began to resent his mother. His parents grew concerned and his father after returning to find his wife crying and Emrys in his room punching a pillow his mom had made for Emrys he decided they needed to be taken out of this hostile environment. It took a few more years to show Emrys the good in people and eventually he was no longer angry at his mother for loving his father.

    Emrys adopted his mother's last name as a badge of honor to apologize and express his love and respect for her.

   His parents both revered nature and seeing their good hearts and honor of nature two spirits blessed him when he was 10 a coconut spirit and again at 12 by a swallow. Later in life, Emrys helped out at his parents build a more or less prejudiceless culture built around crafts and delivering letters to loved ones. After school he worked for his moms craft store and at night began working at one of the new spas that had started popping up in Ivy. And as he matured he became a popular host in the spa even performing in the Summer Festival as a singer accompanied by a harp.

    After finishing school he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. He still carried some bitterness from his childhood and desperately wanted to prove himself better than those who wronged him. It was a long and hard road even with 2 blessings and an affinity for magic. Eventually, he was recognized for his persistence and cunning in dangerous situations and was made part of the Royal Postal Service which goes all over the continent on the more dangerous important missions. Any money he makes goes back home or into gold for his journeys as gold would be a more reliable way to convert into a towns currency or to barter with.

    His shield comes from Mana. He’d heard rumors of it from other postman and enjoying the challenge and needing a new core(and wanting the best) he disguised himself and while he couldn’t erase his Ivy roots, Ivy’s reputation as being a haven of peace and relaxation even though it was a suburb of the capitol with a fair amount of scrutiny they let him pass. He would never tell anyone of Mana’s existence not even Villian. Emrys’ favorite place he’s traveled to is Mana. There’s so many shiny things and oh boy do they make great tools he could send home to his parents.

Artist Notes: Another name for the Barn Swallow is the European Swallow. And he carries coconuts… Cuz Monty Python references hehehe.

Character Toyhouse: Emrys
CS by: Yamio

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This looks amazing, I love the design.
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Ah thanks so much!
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He's such a cutie. *A*
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Can i use your artwork ? I will make it a figurine :)
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Sure just make sure you credit me for the design and Yamio for the species
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omg i love emrys already OuO
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I though it was girl XD
He looks adorable!
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Lol lots of my designs look super feminine. 
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[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara ahh, aj!!
this is so beautiful!!
i love emrys!! <333
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Cries thank charm<3 
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