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Annie MYO Cecilia Witch of Elytte


Name: Cecilia

Blessings: Blackfooted Cat(Endangered), Venus Flower Blasket, Titano Boa(Extinct)

Rarity: Super Rare~

Age: Unknown to most

Birthday: October 18th

Projected Life Span: 10,000+ years

Magical Container: Magical Gem hidden underneathe her clothing

Hometown: Elytte

Personality: Coy, flirtacious, cheery, knowledgable

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Ambigous

Myers Briggs Test: ENTP

Likes: Antiques, magical items, deals, making "friends", favors,

Dislikes: Dirt, people not willing to make deals and those who cannot appreciate the finer things in life like art, gemstones, clothes ect.




Character Toyhouse: TBA
CS by: Yamio

My Accounts:

Tablet- Wacom Intuos Comic | Paint Tool Sai | Clip Studio EX
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Oooo~ Such awesome design here like omg! The hair part where it looks like a spinal cord?? and the webby like stockings there?? So much stuffs like for Halloween, love it!!

AHM-.. I would like her to interact with one of my Annies (who still hasn't approved yet by the time I commented on this) they seem have similar interest but unsure how will that go ahaha. Kinda want to maybe maybe...

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She was fun to make but she's owned by @121GWJolt now <3

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Ooo I see I see now. Still awesome design anyways~

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Aye she looks so cute and quite a mischievous witch girl~! First of, that pony tail designed like a spine that coils around looks so cool and neat, and such an interesting way to convey her extinct Titano Boa blessing, which also gives her a cunning dark edge, contrasting with her bright yellow and green color themes~! I adore her expression too >:3, and her dark witch outfit, really neat!

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Aww thanks! I enjoyed making her a lot my favorite part is the bones hoho

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On fire 😍🔥
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Awww thank you!
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