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DCU-MLP Blue 'n Gold Ponies

So my thought process on this kinda went thusly: "I shouldn't have started drawing ponies because now I want to draw more. I should draw more Boostle. I could draw Boostle as ponies. I could draw the families as mentioned in that one fic. I am totally doodling these designs in class. WHY ISN'T ANYONE STOPPING ME?!?!"

So yes. From left to right we have Big Blue (Dan Garrett/Blue Beetle I), Escarabito (Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle III), Blue Beetle (Ted Kord/Blue Beetle II), Booster Gold (guess) and Goldstar (Michelle Carter).

I imagine, this 'verse being one where ponies control the environment, more or less, the Beetle family coaxes creature (mostly bugs) to metamorphosize (caterpillars to butterflies, etc). Hence the scarab- Egyptian symbol of transformation and the Blue Beetle franchise symbol -cutie marks. I'll bet Booster is/was a star of whatever games pegasus play (cloudball? hoofball?) and is still ostentatious and his sister is still that balance of sensible, snarky and troublemaking that I always imagine her as.

Why am I thinking about this so much?
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I was just thinking today how "Booster Gold" just sounds like a pony name.