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(Scenes fade up with the camera and the camera pans to the right slowly showing sector V’s houses and homes as music playing in the background.)

Narrator:  5 years ago, a rather brave and heroic bald boy of the Kids Next Door who had once (The camera stops and zooms into the tree house of the Kids next door sector v.) stopped the evil Delightful Children from down the lane and their master father the their greatest enemy and the one who delightfulized the Sector Z long ago.

(The scene of the tree house fades and right into the tree house of coolness and the camera starts to go to the right and then stops and zooms into the book of K.ids N.ext D.oor. Then the scenes cross fades to the flash back of knd operation zero.)

Narrator: When the world was senior citizombified and the Delightfuls were now transformed to sector Z they came to Nigel’s aid for backup. While numbuh 1 set the plan to action, by maneuvering the moon facing toward to earth, only to have Sector Z revert back to their twisted and hive mind attacking Nigel battering and bruising him, overcome and facing all enemies launching the Delightful children to the escape pod then sending them to their doom in outer space. (The scene the cross fades back to the book of K.N.D. to where it stood.)

(The camera pan to the delightfulization chamber, scythe, and the bone of barnacles) But they were not insignificant nor fallible which wasn’t the end of those twisted and possessed brats, (The scene zooms to the delightfulization chamber and Harold’s (Billy’s father) lucky pants then the scene cross fades to the flashback to the an escape pod impact to earth like a meteor shower before the grim adventures of kids next door series and then the scene zooms out to where the dcfdtl are standing in front of the delightfulization chamber)

Narrator: after days of drifting in space they’ve return to earth returning back to their evil doings of the destruction of the knd, by using the delightfulization chamber to create more children of their delightfulzed selves. However, their plan didn’t go as well when they encounter Billy (Scene switched to where Billy, who looks and sounds as if he is about to explode, asking and pointing if they are in line for the bathroom, which the delightful children from down the lane mistakenly allowing him to use it as a bathroom, he darts into the Delightfulization Chamber.) mistakenly letting Billy in the delightfulization chamber as a bathroom. The Delightful children ran inside the machine to pull Billy out The delightfulization chamber (Delightful Children tromp into the chamber after him.) both of the 6 children  inside the chamber ended up (Lightning flashes inside as the machine begins to smoke and everyone in the chamber screams as something strange, spooky, and supernatural starts to surface.)  Fusing (the scene switched to where a giant reaper wearing plaid orange pants that has grown to accompany a larger frame. In the face lie six skulls: the Delightful Children and Billy rising from the wreckage) and transforming (the scene then switched back and zoom out to where the delightful reaper makes a dramatic standout pose and lightning bolt background effect.) into the delightful reaper and begin (The scene switched again cutting a swathe through the suburbs of houses while walking around the globe.) assimilating other children around the world (The scene switched back to where the delightful reaper about to assimilate Mandy then turns around looking at the left side is a new reaper –a giant, cloak less skeleton with armor made of bones. Inside the skull that functions as its' head sits a boy, firmly ensconced within its' strong jawbone. In its' right hand is a giant sword, likewise made of bone, and in its' left is a shield that is Grim's head. Behind it flutters a cape as black as the foulest liquid and as dark as the most horrific nightmare.) Numbuh 1 then stood up for another round with the help of the grim reaper. (scenes shows the grim reaper’s head is like a shield)(Scene where the Delightful Reaper charges and the Skeleton Samurai likewise runs towards it, screaming. Sword meets scythe with a loud clang.)

Narrator: As both of the reapers begin their brawl, delightful reaper vs skeleton samurai, (Scene the Skeleton Samurai picks up the sword and leaps in the air both numbuh 1 and grim saying their codename attacks) our brave, bald hero once again (The samurai brings its' sword down upon the hindquarters of the exposed Mandy Reaper. An explosion occurs. ) took down the delightful reaper and revert everything back to its normal state. (A scythe falls out and flies through the air, into the capable hands of the Skeleton Samurai then the scene where lights flash from the background then the scene fades back to the delightfulization chamber, scythe, and the bone of barnacles.)

However his battle and the sector v member are against the delightful children wasen’t over for a moment, (Camera pans and zoom in to numbuh 1’s old galactic knd outfit, S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R., and a map to the galactic knd world as the scene cross fade again to operation I.N.T.E.R.V.E.W.S., the last mission) At the delightful children’s birthday ( the scene shows Nigel and the delightful children struggle and fighting over for father’s pipe while the log ride goes up and down, looping and diagonal line.) numbuh 1 and the delightful children from down the lane had their final confrontation in fighting over father’s pipe at a log ride river. (The scene shows Nigel Uno get up again then stopped by the dcfdtl holding a SPANKER at him.) Just as the delightful are about to finish him, the delightful children got hit by the giant sign from the back while numbuh 1 grabbed the sign with the pipe in his position as a prize for winning the scavenger hunt, (the scene shows Nigel jumping to hold grip catching the pipe, while the delightful got hit from behind by the sign slumping to the ground causing them to lose grip both pipe and the Splanker.)  With that (Scene then shows the delightful children are shocked of what’s going to happened next.)The defeated delightful children ended up falling down on to a vast toilet, presuming forever dead to their doom. (The scene shows the delightful children scream as they fall toward the camera then backward falling from the camera to the enormous toilet.)

Narrator: Now the leader of sector v have been the first and chosen member of becoming a galactic operative saving the universe. (Scenes shows numbuh 1 now in his galactic knd operative space suit and the whole member of sector v all hug each other for one last time after calling out “KIDS NEXT DOOR!” as Numbuh 1 says his goodbyes.) And bid his friends farewell and set off to space to save the universe. ( Scene cuts to father arriving too late to get his pipe back and cries out in despair as the scene pans up seeing the spaceship flies off into space, never to be seen again.) (The scene then fades back to the objects and the zooms out the tree house of coolness , fades and zooms out from the knd tree house and the camera pans to the left and then up to space.)

Narrator: Many years have passed and the conflict between kids vs. teens and adults has canceled, living in peace and harmony around the world, but when the knd vs adult war ended, what has become of Numbuh1, and Sector V in the present day… (The camera zooms faster to the moon base and then stops to the scene of a celebration)





Andrew Sung
United States


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