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i dont like seven but this is amazing
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nice work :D!!! this is really amazing :D
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I Really want to say "CHOI TWINS, YOU BASTARDS!!" But I can't... I still can. but I can't correctly ;_;
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oh my a riding crop >//<
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ABS!!!! Am I in heaven now?!
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I can now rest in peace.
Thank you.
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x3 They look cool! I love to see a Zen and Jumin version maybe a photo shoot or something.
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Jaehee: "My eyes have been cleansed... No i can't be like this" xD
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I don't mean to be that person, but when I saw your drawing and I thought it looked familiar to me. Now I don't know who did the lineart (or sketch) and I don't know if you used this as a reference (if you did, that is okay) but....…

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Please read my description.
When we did the collab, my partner and I didn't knew about the Pixiv art at first. She just knew the base for it. When, I started the collab, I just received the lineart only. I did the coloring and background. My partner did the drawing and the lineart for it. After she submitted it here on DA, that's the time I realized the base. Then, sharing it on my FB post, that's the time awesome and amazing FB users informed me about the link. Of course it creates confusion and craziness. We didn't make a proper research about the origin, we feel apologetic for it. I give credits when due. I always credit amazing artist because it's their right. So yeah, thank you for taking the time to comment, you are the "Defender of Justice!". Wooooo! Amazing! How'd you like that? And welcome to DA! Enjoy your stay my dear. :heart:
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Um Thank you, I guess. :)
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sweet jesus.... hes HAWT o////o
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<smalI> my soul has been cleansed so hawt
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Seriously?! Guys looks awesome! Did you draw them or colored only?
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Big Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2]   this satisfy my soul...
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