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FairyTail 467 | Lucy and Brandish

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After this arc, I think that these two girls will become friends. Lewl.
Hope you like it. 
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This scene should be in the anime within the next few weeks based on how the current season is going, can't wait :) 
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omg so sexy X3
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gamewizard-2008Student Digital Artist
Convenient water vase!
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suffocating with the hand? 
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HaziiYSarvHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
Excellent work, today I read that chapter :) (Smile) 
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If we're going to be fair, she did warn her not to be overly trusting. But it is admirable (to me that is) that Lucy (or rather all of FT) would still express concern for someone like Brandish.
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95DarkraiHobbyist PhotographerFeatured
In a way yes, but looking back Lucy pretty much forgave Flare and Minerva who have done in my opinion worse things to her(like using a little girl as a hostage and planning on striping her in front of a whole crowd as well as messing with her guild mark; then one that was beating her to near death when she had the match already won) than Brandish did until where she trying to kill Lucy for revenge for what she believes happened to her mother. 

Even Brandish was apologizing to Lucy while conflicted of killing her and the only thing she did to Lucy was negotiated/threaten her to take a bath for a talk where Lucy was going to stab Brandish and pretty much would if her mother's name wasn't brought up.
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Yes indeed.
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RainbowDashieMLPFanStudent Digital ArtistFeatured
im wondering where the vase of water came from
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Once again Lucy is the damsel. F*ck sake, Lucy, pull it together! Dx
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MellxArtsProfessional Digital ArtistFeatured
this is broke my heart... lucy ;^; i happy that *spoyler* show again. it make me be so happy ^^ but i think that she cant really come back to lucy, she just save her T-T 
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Lucy, Headbutt them
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KozureOkami20Professional Digital ArtistFeatured
owo nice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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