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Tyrian Raptor  Psychodelic Phoenix by AJLeibengeist Tyrian Raptor  Psychodelic Phoenix by AJLeibengeist

This is a pair of Rhinos to balance out the other pair of mechanical. Tyrian is a purple blues color. I had a good idea of the background I wanted, so I made Tyrian fairly simple, just purple and tribals on the ears and nose plate. You may recognize Tyrian as being Boss Hog.. Psychedelic Phoenix is a variety of colors and images. You'll recognize Psychedelic Phoenix as being Shroomy aka Major Tripps. He is the logical choice to use with a background that is "trippy."  I decided to place one driver in each Rhino and add a third person with the background.

In all the drawings prior to this, the viewer has been a third person tense, in that they are not part of the picture. In this background, the view is in second person tense, in that they are person in the picture taking a picture of the rhinos and scenery. 

The mechanical rhinos come into service during dome construction. The different Mechanical Rhinos appear at different stages of construction of the different domes. Mechanical Rhino drawings are closer to the Domes with the mountains in the background. The last two Mechanical Rhino drawings gives a glimpse of the city across the plain. First in the reflection from the face-shield of a crew-member. Then the last drawing changes to the first person view, with you taking a snapshot of two Mechanical Rhinos posing in front of an observatory in the abandoned city.

I start my final drawings with pencil and fidget with each one till ready for ink. For this series, I started with the Rhinos and completed each rhino one after the other with no backgrounds. After inking the subject down and clearing the pencil away, I began adding colored pencils. Some items in the Mechanical set have more colored inks for certain items. There are multiple layers of colored pencils, base and other layers in various amounts until the medium won't take anymore. Next, I used blenders, smudging and smearing tools to work the colors together as much as possible. I began using pastels for the skies with Boss Hog.  

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December 27, 2017
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