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Titian Lion Kings by AJLeibengeist Titian Lion Kings by AJLeibengeist

I redid Lava Rhino into the Titian Lion King for the second Mechanical Rhino. The image is reversed and some slimming done on the body. I added a little more tribal decorations on the rhino. The person directing traffic is an addition of a third person type to the team. There's light reflections from the flares in his hands, but I tried to get a good hint of an Alien inside the suite. Titian is placed close in front of the Orange Dome so I could show better details of the domes and their construction. The close-up of the dome let me give more detail of the grid structure on the dome that generates a protective energy field for the inhabitants. It also gave me a chance to add memorial murals on the foundation walls of the domes. Here, I included whales and birds. I added some little creatures (scorpions, mice, turtles, bugs) to the ground area along with general rubbish and trash left from a collapsed economy. 

The mechanical rhinos come into service during dome construction. The different Mechanical Rhinos appear at different stages of construction of the different domes. Mechanical Rhino drawings are closer to the Domes with the mountains in the background. The last two Mechanical Rhino drawings gives a glimpse of the city across the plain. First in the reflection from the face-shield of a crew-member. Then the last drawing changes to the first person view, with you taking a snapshot of two Mechanical Rhinos posing in front of an observatory in the abandoned city.

I start my final drawings with pencil and fidget with each one till ready for ink. For this series, I started with the Rhinos and completed each rhino one after the other with no backgrounds. After inking the subject down and clearing the pencil away, I began adding colored pencils. Some items in the Mechanical set have more colored inks for certain items. There are multiple layers of colored pencils, base and other layers in various amounts until the medium won't take anymore. Next, I used blenders, smudging and smearing tools to work the colors together as much as possible. I began using pastels for the skies with Boss Hog.  

Hello! I am a warrior in Critmas 2017: War of Honour drafted to the Gingerbread Ninjas! Thanks for helping me win the war by asking for critique.

First I want to say that this concept is really cool. I took a peek at your other drawings in the series and I really like all of them. I think you did a great job with using color here. The dome's changing hue from yellow to orange is blended very well, and the metal on the rhino looks great.

The niggle I have is with the rhino's shadow. I did a quick measurement of the shadow of the road sign and the shadow of the humanoid figure, and both are as tall as the object casting the shadow. The rhino shadow is quite a bit shorter than the rhino itself. I think it should be longer, and it would actually end up casting onto the building if it were as long as the rhino is tall. It may seem like a small thing, but it was distracting upon the first view and it took me a minute to realize why, so I figured I'd mention it.

Otherwise, I am well-entranced with this drawing and this world. Well done! I hope something in there is helpful to you. If anything needs clarification please don't hesitate to ask!

MERRY CRITMAS! :iconsantalaplz:

:heart: Lili
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December 27, 2017
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