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The Domed Cities, 5 of 6 by AJLeibengeist The Domed Cities, 5 of 6 by AJLeibengeist

The Domed Cities is one of two new panel to the left of the original sketch. This panel shows a long runway entering the City of Domes through a tunnel in the ridge. The City of Domes start in this panel and continue on into the next. There are also dome structures on the planet and moon in the sky.

The Crash of Rhinos occurs around a group of mountains. The west side of the mountains face an ocean and the east side, a large plain with a city just before another mountain range. The Crash also occurs over a spans of two epochs. The first epoch is the time of the "living Rhinos." After their extension, the second epoch is the era of the Domed Cities and Mechanical Rhinos. The last epoch ends with the exodus of the remaining population to another solar system.

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December 27, 2017
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